Blackberry Bummer!!!

in dtube •  5 months ago

Hey Ya'll,

So we went in search of berries today just like we do every year. In past years we have found tons of them. Today, we weren't as lucky. The late frost looks like it killed a lot of the berries, plus the japanese beetles have torn the bushes up. We were blessed enough to found the "honey hole" as the farmer called it. Tomorrow I'll share a simple blackberry cobbler just about anyone can make!!! Thanks for watching!!

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howdy @thefarmerswife I can smell that cobbler from hear!
God bless you guys!


my senses exactly!

Oh nice. Blackberry cobbler used to be one of my favorites growing up as a kid.


I'm looking forward to it more than the kids😋

Glad you found some berries! I'll be waiting to see that cobbler! We used to take the boys to northern Ontario to pick wild blueberries. They were the best!


Oh yum!!! We have a place we can go about an hour away. Fresh blueberries are the best!

Beautiful area you live in! I'd imagine your kids will be future steemians when they come of age haha! Good to see family videos here on dtube :) Wow those are big blackberries!


Thank you! Appreciate your comment :) My oldest son is dying to be legolord😳


Haha, thats great! I was a huge lego geek as a kid, I preferred it to video games when I was about his age.

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You choose very good place to find Blackberry and enjoyed a lot of fun in beautiful forest.


Thank you:)

I used to do this with my kids and my mother in law decades ago. My mother in law was the black berry picking champ!

The blackberry looks great. It's really fun to watch this kind of video. Keep enjoying with your family.