Working Hard!!! House Update!

in dtube •  4 months ago

Hey Ya'll!
Hope you are staying cool! We went to do some cleaning and checking on the progress of the new homestead for the farmer's parents. It's coming along slowly but surely! We work hard to play hard! Hope you all enjoy!!!

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Stay cool and stay productive. We know what it's like to be "under construction" for long periods of time. That new homestead looks beautiful! It's going to be fantastic when it's finished. @ironshield


Thank you! Looking forward to it!

working hard for home sweet home.that kids are so cute. god bless them


In my country of Vietnam, the houses are built of brick and spend a lot of time building a house. You can see my house through the videos on my dtube. Nice to meet you :)) my name is Sơn, i come from vietnamese, And you?


Hi! We have houses built out of brick here in the US too. But usually the brick is the foundation or decorative. I will check out your video! Thanks for commenting:)


thank you :))


I wish you would visit my Dtube channel. That is an absolute for me.

howdy there @thefarmerswife! I agree with @ironshield the new place is gonna rock! looks like fantastic views like ya'll have. 104 degrees here today. sweating is good, detoxifies your body! lol.
Hey I don't know how ya'll work your vote power but mine's at 58% and everyone is telling me not to let it get below 85% so I'm recharging today and tomorrow, how do you guys handle that, do you try to keep it above 85%? God bless you all!


It was 95. I think that's hot enough for me! I don't know how you do those temps! Honestly, I don't have a clue. I can only get on in the evenings and sometimes in the mornings. I wish I could curate more, but I have those 3 littles that take my attention. Then when school starts again I'll only be able to do evenings.


oh that's right I forgot you guys do homeschooling, do you follow the same schedule as public schools?
so when most moms are looking forward to having some time to themselves while the kids are at school home schooling moms have even
more work!
well if you shrink from sight during school everyone will know why and understand.
the temps here aren't that bad because we have some humidity but nothing like in South Texas or New Orleans, now I don't know how THOSE people do it because it's so oppressive that is zaps all your energy.
But then people in the deep South do generally move real slow!
God bless you guys, I reckon a 4th celebration video is coming today?

Not going to pretend that @dtube worked for me so can't comment on the video but even though things are going slowly in the end it will all work out the way it should!


The kids look so happy and fun the work, best nice mom...

You do work and play hard! The house is coming along. You just can't rush these things...


I wish We could :)

Your kids are adorable! Loved that giggle at the end!