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so I had sold this on ebay,.. I said it in the listing AND I told the lady it needed to be re-furbished,.. she apparently didn't understand, so it was sent back and money refunded,.. so here I am showing how the re-furbishing process happens,.. along the way I share my first experience with God,.. although I didn't really understand it at the time,.. time has been my friend, and I now understand it, where He influenced my life, for the past 32 years I was atheist until my 45th birthday, when and how I encountered Jesus, and how he filled me with the Holy Spirit

it fundamentally changed my life, UNDERSTANDING, when i finally understood God and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. soon everything came into focus, and CLEAR, everything was formed, or should I say TRANSFORMED! into clarity, crystal clarity!

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Welcome, i liked your friend with a beautiful eye and antennas!

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thank you, RMS! I did a steam punk spongebob out of an old clock,, here is the finished product, I think I have a short video on the dude without antennae there! thank you so much for your comment

thanks silent ghost,.. will I hear a reply from you? LOL

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