Black Ops 4: Blackout Mode Splitscreen

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My brother was in town for the holidays, and he brought along his copy of the new Call of Duty game so I could try out their take on the "battle royale" format that's all the rage right now. I have mixed feelings about this version to be honest-- it feels like a direct copy of PUBG, the graphics aren't great, and it doesn't really bring anything new or exciting to the table (Fortnite is a PUBG ripoff too, but at least it made itself stand out with a different style and different aspects to the gameplay).

All that being said, I still had fun playing this game, especially since my brother and I were able to play splitscreen on the Blackout (battle royale) mode. Here's a pretty good highlight from one of our runs. It's kind of cool to watch the action unfold from two perspectives at once. Also, I have no idea who the purple guy is, but his heroism and sacrifice were not in vain, and I remember him fondly.

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