Balloon snipes! 2.0

in #dtube4 years ago

Good lord, was this satisfying! I was in a sniper duel with this asshat for a solid five minutes, both of us hopping around and flying through the air on balloons. He finally ran out of balloons and fell back down to Earth, giving me a slight advantage, but I was so high up that it was still next to impossible to hit him. The bullets take so long to travel that far that you can't predict what the enemy is going to do while the bullet's travelling, and even if you could, they can pretty much watch the bullet coming and dodge it. That's why it was a grave mistake for him to hop on the zipline... Even though it made him move very quickly, it made him move in a linear path. All I had to do was gauge how fast he was moving and how long it would take the bullet to get there. Easier said than done, but by some miracle I got lucky with it and got him right in the dome for probably the most satisfying snipe I've ever gotten in this game. Enjoy!

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