Prop Hunt: Master Class in Evasion

in #dtube4 years ago

COD WWII included a hilarious online game mode called Prop Hunt, where half of the players take the form of various map-specific props and the other team hunt them down. As the hunters, you need to kill every prop before the timer runs out. As the props you have to last until the end. You can change your prop-type twice in order to better disguise yourself, and you have a few flash grenades to stun the hunters. In this video, you can see that I got found pretty early on, then when I used my last transformation they turned me into a tree-- the most visible target possible. So now I'm a tall ass tree running around, having to juke the hunters for as long as I possibly can. It was a valiant effort, but alas they finally got me just as time was about to expire. Anyway, this video is hilarious, and I think you'll enjoy it

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