Bizarre Fortnite Graphics Glitch

in #dtube4 years ago

First of all, forgive me for not muting my squad mates. Good lord, that background chatter is annoying.

That being said, how weird is this shit?

Basically, if you've played Fortnite then you've probably noticed that the game reduces the image quality of objects in the distance. A far away house or tree becomes a sort of blur, and even if you look at it through a scope it will look like a muddled version of its close-up self. The obvious advantage of this from a design stand point is that you don't have to load the whole map's worth of graphics at once-- you can reduce the file size of much of the map and thereby ensure that everyone's game runs smoothly and without any lag.

Through some weird glitch that I don't understand, the muddled graphics they use for far away objects never transitioned into the regular graphics as I approached Pleasant Park. I got there and all the buildings were like the bizarro world versions of themselves, and when I walked up to them, I slipped inside of them and pretty much just floated around for a while, unable to interact with anything. It's unfortunate that I didn't know my teammates because I would have liked to have known if they were seeing the same thing, and if not, what it looked like for them as I floated through houses and cars.

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