What I Like Best About DTube & Steemit

in dtube •  14 days ago 

There are many things to like about DTube and Steemit. Decentralized work is fabulous. No censorship is a great way to live. The freedom and camaraderie on these platforms is wonderful.

Yet, as much as I love those elements of the system, there is something I like even more. In this brief video I share with you what it is and why it can really benefit you.

Please share this with your community so they can benefit from it as well. I appreciate you watching and look forward to hearing from you.


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I think you are totally right @terrybrock !
Steemit and DTube are great mediums. I never considered the resource limits as an incentive, and you are right, it is an incentive to choose my words wisely.
Per your question: I really enjoyed your marketing tips videos that you have done in the past. Specially as it relates to multimedia marketing.

Thank you very much, @deepwaters. I appreciate what you said about multimedia marketing. What other topics or other areas would you be interested in hearing about? I'm always looking to create content that helps people.

Thank you for stopping by to say hi.

Hey terry welcome back on steem and dtube. Maybe you haven’t claimed dtube account? Now they have their own chain. You can go there
to claim it ^^

Thank you, @joythewanderer. I know they've had some changes and I thought I had upgraded my account. I do have a post there. Need to learn a lot more about it. Nice of you to stop by and say hello.

You are very welcome terry, good to see you post again ^^
I guess your video is shown on steem chain but not in drube avalon chain yet, I can see the video on dtube site but not yet on the chain. If you claim the account, and log on both steem and dtube avalon, the video will be on both chain.

Thank you, @joythewanderer. I guess I haven't accessed that new dtube avalon chain. I'll have to find some time and get that done. Thank you!

Take your time Terry :) glad to help

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