Have Fun with This SteemFest 2 Lisbon Review

in #dtube4 years ago

Enjoy this review of SteemFest 2 in Lisbon with lots of pictures and videos from @roelandp and @ned (Ned Scott, CEO of Steemit)

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Thank you, @hassanbenali! Glad you like it.

It was a pleasure meeting you Terry!

Great to meet you, Gary. You've got me thinking about that Note 8. Hope you are doing very well.

I am doing great, hope you are well.

Still got the Note 8, haven't managed to lose it again.

HODL (hold on for dear life!) to that precious Note 8. I'd recommend a chain between the two of you! :-) Have a great week ahead!

Haha, you too.

hey! I just wrote you an email :) great to see you are both safely back.

Got it @fukako and plan to send email back. Very nice to hear from you! Spasibah and Arigato!

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It was great meeting you at steemit Terry. Very much enjoyed your presentation and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to contributing to the steemit platform. All the best.

Great to meet you, @peixeboi. I look forward to seeing your content and staying in touch.

@terrybrock ... it was indeed great to have met you at SteemFest. You are such an inspiration to a lot of steemians.

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