Learning to receive no's

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Final day of my work in Frankfurt. Me and the team we have been at the most important show in our industry and we had a stand to exhibit our products. I have spoken to a lot of people and that might be the reason I was confident this evening to do a video. Well the point was that maybe I can accept more easy people saying no as the only one that has a problem being denight is the ego. So loose up and accept is not about you.

Heading to the city to have the last pizza with my colleagues before we split and I will enjoy 2 more days of the sourrouning area. Frankfurt is not a tourist attraction but there is a cute gotic little town half an hour more south. You will be able to see it tomorrow if by any chance you are reading my wannabe blog/vlog/nonsense.

Love and hugs,

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i understand. i make grammatical errors when i speak but that doesnt mean the message has no value. and about getting ’no’ for an answer, i think it takes time to used to but i have gotten so many no’s in my life thqt it doesnt bother me anymore. i just do and say what i am. it doesnt always have to be perfect

There is a book called 'go for no' - most people are afraid of getting 'no's' (understandably) but the concept in the book is to make a game out of it. How many no's can I get today? The focus is on the taking the action, not on the actual result because we cannot control that.


I heard of the book but it didn't crossed my world yet. Thanks for the tip I will try to find it. People mostly have no clue why they say no ;)

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Hey you, your ego is your protection system, it's really not that important, ultimately nothing matters, in a funny way it's just a trick, my ego wants to scooter paraglide, when we going to do that ? Big love mate, have a great weekend x


Our egos have the same wish regarding scooter paragliding :)) I am only back late Sunday, maybe after my work one day

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