How dirty is this PC after 1+ years of mining and video editing?steemCreated with Sketch.

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It has been a long time (again) since my previous video...

Anyways, today's video we will be taking a look at how dirty this PC is after 1+ years of heavy usage without cleaning it, and we will be investigating on whether will cleaning it provide any significant decrease in temperatures.

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I was honestly expecting to see much more dust. Not bad for that amount of time and usage. Pretty cool that you described each component and their purpose along the way. I hate to admit I have seen some pretty dusting machines in the past years lol I've watched my husband disassemble and clean many times. But it was usually after long periods of not cleaning lol. I imagine the environment could play a factor. Example: We lived on a dusty dirt road at one time which caused more dust than normal in our household. Also, we have always had a few dogs so maybe dander contributes lol. Anyway, I watched your entire video :) Loved the details & showing results with some improvement in the temps. You are a treasure @Techcoderx. You have a bright future ahead no doubt. Keep sharing videos more often, we love to hear the information you have to share ♥

I run it without the side panel on, maybe that's why 😃

HaHa maybe so ♥

That’s a dirty ass pc, hate to see what mine looks like 😅

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Cleaned my laptop yesterday after a 98 degrees celcius measure running star citizen with my air compressor.

The max high it got now was 73°.

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