The Buzz Factor // #EP11 // total potential reach now skyrocketed to 134,097,436, we bagged an influencer I think! :)

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Wow, I’m not sure that was there last week?! But wow, here was me talking about ‘cannot wait until we bag a big influencer’ and boom we have one, who is it? Do we know, how do we find out? We should totally be displaying them proudly on the front-page somewhere that’s for sure so the others can jump on this wild ride with us as well.

134,097,436 is a big number

Well it was gonna happen sooner or later right and I’m really glad it happened this side of this year, means that 2020 has all the making of being a perfect jump off point for when everyone really starts to wake up to the fact that they might need to consider decentralisation for not only the storage of videos outside of the usual places (YouTube, et al) but also to pursue other revenue streams including crypto currency, in our case the HUNT token ( to get the current price.

You can trade this in numerous ways, one of the ways is using something like daybit which I’ve used flawlessly for months and months on end.

I really can’t wait till we get a massive budget campaign come in here and run it with us, we are certainly going to need more hunters, mucho outreach needed, maybe I need to make a series of videos for that! :)

Great to see a new campaign up this week also, Stoop

Stoop is a newsletter aggregator that presents newsletters in an interesting and useful way. Most people receive a ton of unwanted marketing emails that can bury great newsletters. Via Stoop, you can automatically create an email address that’s only for newsletters, and subscribe to useful newsletters you want via the Stoop email

That’s cool, I’ve always been kinda frustrated about having my newsletter stuff wrapped together in with email, I use flipboard extensively but I’d really like to have a separate app (almost newsreader like even) to deal with newsletters, imagine if you could also add manual stuff — I’d certainly fill mine up with some of the new steemian RSS feeds! :)

When everyone is a token and your time is digital money

Another thing you should be aware of is the updates that are happening behind the scenes regarding the hunt token, it’s a massive overhaul and the changes effects will be far reaching — long story short I see a future in the very near future where everyone will have a tradable token through the HUNT platform and you’ll be able to code that in the way you want your token to perform + adding in features like having the ability to tokenise your time is going to be a massive feature that will make the platform and the hunt alliance really stand out!

Thanks for watching today, feel free to leave any comments, engage, ask questions and I’m also available for video chat to discuss reviewhunt or steemhunt if you need to have a chat and understand how everything works, I’ll be happy to help!

__humble x

p.s — this was posted on YouTube, DTube and Now Cinnamon Too! :)

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coolio excitingness!

yes sir. for sure, did you test out yet? :) -- let me know what ya think, cheers!

no I havn't. What is it?

it's a directory of all the dapps and services on the steem blockchain, also listing upcoming events, social directory (add ya own picture and social links) etc. try it!