Join the 'STEEMIANS FTW" Brawl Stars Squad! -- Teams of 100! #2U88PQQC

in dtube •  21 days ago 

Squad Up! :)

Always have someone to play with, imagine if we had 100 full members in our ‘STEEMIAN FTW’ group? We would always have someone in the team to play with, the more points we win as a team together the higher up the rankings we go and eventually we just appear in the top of the leaderboard with people interested in steem!

We could totally guerrilla market across the mobile gaming web just like this? Got some teams to join up for? Send them across and if the game is good let’s get it together! :)

Always have someone to play with in a team 24/7 around the clock! :)

Take a break! Warning, it’s addictive! :)



Could you imagine who cool it would be to work with a big company like Supercell on a Steem Game? Like with awesome graphics and powering up for steem power in game purchases equals tokens and such? That would be super rad! Gonna happen eventually right?

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