Gaming: How To Build Cuphead's Robot Glitch on Minecraft XBoX One

in #dtube2 years ago (edited)


AJ and Baby G here. Well mostly my younger brother, Baby G. I am just helping him type here :D

We borrowed momma's camera and recorded this one.

Baby G wanted to show Dtube how he built Robot Glitch on Minecraft. But actually we played whatever we liked while on Minecraft :D

Robot Glitch is a character he likes from Cuphead, another game that we play on XboX One :D

Do you play Minecraft or Cuphead? We like them very much :D

▶️ DTube

You guys made that yourselves? That's awesome! Keep making videos, you're going places!

yes, we like building on minecraft :D (this is AJ, my brother does not know how to type yet)

ok thanks

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