Chocolate AND Cheese Giant Pancake???? Let's Try Some!

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AJ and Baby G here :D

We had a giant thick pancake from Indonesia, called Martabak Manis or Terang Bulan. It's really good but it has interesting filling of chocolate AND cheese! Who would have thought these combo is that good? :D

My brother had a hard time with melted chocolate mixed with cheese. He liked it but he could not hold it as it's greasy so he hated that. He does not like wet hands hahaha :D Wet hands are YUCKY to him hahaha :D

My momma said this giant thick pancake is very famous in South East Asia


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Super happy to see AJ and Baby G keeping consistency with Vlogging

Please ask @dmilliz or @blind-spot and find out what App they're using to create cool Dtube Thumbnails

I use canva app to make my covers , the youtube option works good with dtube covers too too. Just make sure to save as jpeg file so it’s the right size.

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ok thank you

thank you uncle Nathan, I will ask mommy to ask

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