Steem: The Money Pool

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The presentations from Steemfest were terrific. They show how development is still taking place at a very nice pace.

I was blown away by the opportunities that were presented. This is one of the biggest assets Steem has. Over time, there are more opportunities being created for people.

When I think about what humanity needs, I keep coming back to the point of money. We live in a monetary world for now. We might become a post monetary society at some point but, for now, we still use money.

Providing people with ways to get more of it is the first step. Couple that with the idea of DeFi and we could provide financial freedom to millions of people.

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The banking system is awful here in the UK. Crypto needs to take over quickly.

This is why I am studying Infinite Banking Concepts and Whole Life Insurance here in the US these tools help free you from the Banking system and become a decentralized source of your own banking.

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