The Absurdity Of Regulators

in dtube •  5 days ago  (edited)

At times I have to laugh at how ludicrous things are getting. Governments, the banking industry, and regulators think they can control cryptocurrency the same way they held power over everything else. What they do not realize is that cryptocurrency is not financial but technological. It is a brand new technology with characteristics remarkably different from what we are presently using.

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, open source, and global. It is also going to get a lot easier and more accessible as time goes by.

I don't think these entities realize what they are in for.

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They clearly have no idea. The importance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the years to come can never be defeated. The older systems may take time to accept truth but, hopefully and certainly, one day they’ll come to the reality of it.

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It will take generations until the magic happens!