Decentralize Amazon

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Many are looking for cryptocurrency to replace fiat for purchases. This is taking new technology and trying to mash it into what we know.

Blockchain offers so many other possibilities. If the banks are under threat from decentralized money, then no entity is safe.

In this video I explain how something like Amazon can be decentralized across many different blockchains.

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I like these concepts, decentralizing is very good for the culture as a whole.

Amazon own,, Amazon getting into blockchain will expedite mass adoptions.

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decentralized production is the key to the new cooperative economy
we just need a good governance structure
much easier said than done

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i'd love for us to make some kind of decentralized delivery market place -- can you imagine if we had a nation wide, country wide service of electric vans that could deliver physical services between steemians. that would be bad ass. i've added this to 'hello human' -- out shortly.

as for local, local died because of greedy landlords and portfolio watching of their income. amazon has all that stuff on lock. so they don't just spend without though of how much it costs to actually function as a business -- they replaced sentimentally of the 'high street' with 'i want this shit now/tomorrow'

good or bad, it works freaking well.