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Welcome to my brand new series dedicated to Steemmonsters Splinterlands! These new video series will be uploaded to my brand new YouTube channel that is solely dedicated to this amazing decentralised blockchain game by @aggroed! I will also publish this video and blog post on http://tube.splintertalk.io/ as well as https://www.splintertalk.io/

So here are ten reasons why you should start playing @steemmonsters Splinterlands TODAY:

  • Steemmonsters is decentralised
  • Steemmonsters is build on top of the Steem Blockchain
  • Steemmonsters cards have increasing VALUE
  • You can earn various cryptocurrencies ON TOP of cards which also have value
  • You can play tournaments and win even more cryptocurrency
  • You can sell cards
  • You can rent cards and earn income without even playing the game
  • You can post Steemmonsters related posts on https://www.splintertalk.io/ and earn Crypto by using the #SPT tag
  • You can post Steemmonsters related video content on http://tube.splintertalk.io/ and earn crypto
  • You can actually have fun playing this game AND earn Crypto!!!

For all those reasons I think this game is definitely worth checking out and like I said in the video I believe it will be going the same direction as Cryptokitties, a game on the Ethereum blockchain that sold a digital cat for $120K: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/18/style/cryptokitty-auction.html

Subscribe: https://bit.ly/SteemmonstersYT
Splinterlands Steemmonsters (affiliate link) https://steemmonsters.com?ref=tanbay
Splinterlands Steemmonsters: https://steemmonsters.com

** Download the Brave browser and get rewarded for browsing: https://brave.com/tan358 **

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If you found this video helpful make a donation:

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This is a great video! I sent 10K DEC for this to Splinterlands and you will receive a upvote soon from the Steemmonsters upvote bot! Thanks for entering the Splinterlands Facebook & Telegram contest!! #winning

Prince Rennyn (659px, 5fps).gif

Hi and thanks so much for making such an awesome contest and for the support! (:

Just realized the video was playing on Dtube with the YouTube player.

Is this part of the new updates?

Other than that you just convinced to get into splinterlands / steem monsters, I now have enough crypto to do so =)

Great videos by the way!

Yes and this is my fav new feature of DTube so far! And yes it's a cool game, it would be appreciated if you use my affiliate link, it means I get a small commission at no additional charge to you https://steemmonsters.com?ref=tanbay