A Video for everyone who is SICK of my indoor videos 😜// Exclusive DTube video 285

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Believe it or not I have actually filmed my exclusive DTube video outside today! There have been plenty of discussions on DTube about indoor (aka white-wall) vs outdoor videos and tbh I used to do outdoor videos all the time when I first started to travel and it just wasn't fun at all, especially if you want to be a daily vlogger in asia with no internet lol But this video was fun and it was such a beautiful day so enjoy the footage (:

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It’s not playing on my phone using both Partiko and DTube. Bet it was a great view and message though!

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It sure was not sure why it's not playing :S

Grey work

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Thanks :)


U are so welcome:))


You are welcome

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Thanks for the outside video :)

Yeah they do not have those outdoor gyms much here in US. I do know @steemflow just did a blog post of a new outside gym similar to this one that they recently opened at his apartment complex.


Thanks @robertandrew we started to have a lot in around local vicinity.....thanks to all local politician...making their presence count....it's all political gimmick...advantages to public

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