CRYPTO WALLET THAT PAYS UP TO 18% INTEREST!? // Exclusive DTube video 284

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So in todays exclusive DTube I want to know if any of you guys have heard about the Plus Token and the Plus Token Wallet? I am not affiliated with this and this is not a sponsored video. It sounds way too good to be true, but then those were exactly my thoughts when I first saw the Steem Blockchain and that was the main reason I didn't actually sign up until 2 months later... So if you know anything about the Plus Token Wallet let me know in the comments below! Here is the 'official' english website:

Here's a YT video about it:

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i think the profits will be by their token "plus token"
some people says it's scam , from my opinion is it's little weird !


No not just plus token any crypto that's in the wallet as far as I understand it


that's sounds good but in the same time weird !

Not Heard of it Tanbay but that percent Interest just for storing that does sounds catchy and as well as fishy hahah but yeah will sure look it out. Thanks for the heads up !!!


Let me know what you find out!

This has bitconnect written all over it, I wouldn't trust it

Not sure what to think :)


Same lol


Again though that's what I thought when I first saw steemit back in 2017 :S


Na, no comparisons lol. There were like 500+ dividends payout programs around 2017, they all went out of business lol

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