EXCLUSIVE DTUBE VIDEO 192: No more Daylight saving time!? #PhilosophyFriday

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It's time for another episode of #PhilosophyFriday and this time I want to talk about the end of Daylight Saving Time! Comment your thoughts below! If you're new to my DTube channel check out my introduction video with 24 interesting facts about me here: https://d.tube/#!/v/tanbay/ppmrx4eo My fiancé @lauracody and myself are Travel Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers known as 'Travelling Weasels'.

Music credit: Special thanks to @myndnow for providing amazing background music! Make sure to check him out!

Article I mention in the video: https://bit.ly/2Pn347u

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Greetings, Tanbay

We're also without summer time here. I do not like this schedule so much, because I have passed the age of 30 and I do not have this facility that the young people have to fit me as well as they do in these changes. I have a little insomnia and an adjustment an hour ago is less sleep is not easy.

I'm putting together work to make consistent videos for Dtube. I intend to publish at least 3x per week. I hope I can. Now I'm going to a place near here to record my introduction video for Dtube.

Thank you and good morning!!!

I never liked it when the clocks changed tbh :P xxx


Same here my love <3

Enjoyed this @tanbay thank you for publishing. DST hasn’t really bothered me that much here in the states. I actually enjoy when we have more light during the summer as it makes for longer days and longer time we can spend out enjoying the warmth. Are you saying that in Germany they will be getting rid of DST for good?

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It seems most countries in Europe (or maybe even all) will stop DST :O Thanks for stopping by Ken!

That is awesome you are doing away with it! I live in Arizona. We don't ever change our clocks. We don't have daylight savings time here. So sometimes we are the same time as Pacific Time and sometimes Mountain Time. But on my mac it actually has a setting for Arizona Time. LOL I don't think it is needed either. The whole world should do away with it.


True that, check out my new video, I think you might like it :P


Awesome will do! :)