BUY STEEM WITH FIAT ON CRYPTOVOUCHER.IO - Step-by-step Tutorial and Review

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Buying crypto, including Steem, keeps getting easier as more options become available. uses a very simple system that includes purchasing a voucher via various online and offline payment methods, as well as crypto and gift cards. In todays video I give you an honest review of my first experience using this service and a step by step tutorial in this @cryptovoucher review blog post.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Sign up to the website (see video for details), purchase the desired cryptocurrency either directly on the website (not recommended) or use one of the available online distributors (recommended). Make sure you purchase a voucher for your desired cryptocurrency or purchase a generic voucher that can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency you choose. See above video for details.

Step 3: Redeem your cryptovoucher, click on the ‘REDEEM’ button at the top right corner of the website and enter your cryptovoucher-code. You need to enter the address of your cryptocurrency-wallet to receive the cryptocurrency. If you chose Steem, your wallet address is your username WITHOUT the ‘@‘, so for example my wallet address is tanbay. You also need to fill out the ‘memo’ field, I used ‘cryptovoucher’ as a memo.

Step 4: Click on ‘I understand & agree. Redeem now.’ After that you should see a green screen that says ‘successful transaction’, watch my tutorial video for more details.

For a detailed walk-through of each of the steps and my personal review of the website please watch the above video! If the @dtube version is not working for any reason please watch the YouTube version below. Thank you for reading this post! I would like to tag 5 individuals who should try cryptovoucher: @surpassinggoogle @singhcapital @ajvest @sweetsssj @thejohalfiles

Edit: Please be aware that there is a 30% withdrawal fee, special thanks to @revisesociology for bringing this to my attention! Read more about this in his review here:

Watch my previous video to learn how I earn 6-18% interest on my crypto MONTHLY:

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.

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This was such a great tutorial Tanbay. I had issues with the payment option myself but I will try again with the distributor option in future. Cheers.


Thanks so much for watching and it's interesting to hear you had the same issues, the other option was much better for me, it should work for you, too :)

Excellent review and walk through buddy 💪

They definitely seem to make things extremely easy for everyone to make crypto purchases no matter what complications they may face!

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Thanks dude and yes it is rather simple :)


No problem buddy 😎

I like that they have solutions for those that cannot get money in with the normal methods 💪

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I also tweeted this to my 4.5k followers: and published this on my YouTube channel (see video above) to further promote Steem and Steemit! I also published it on Publish0x:

Screenshot 2019-04-13 at 17.32.33.png

You have great content, @tanbay. Very well put together. Glad to see you continually adding value to the blockchain community here on Steem and also outside of this ecosystem. Keep up the solid work.

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Thanks Ken :D

OH MAN....

That is EXACTLY how I experienced it.

And then the 'buy with credit card' option appears a day later!

Surprisingly I'm the only person to have mentioned the 30% fee (effectively)

It was a bit complex, but I've just set up a BEOS account, and trust me this is simple in comparison. It's all relative. It's just.... those withdrawal fees.. OUCH.


Wow I totally failed to check about the withdrawal fee! I'm going to link to your review and edit my post right now for visibility! Thanks for mentioning that!