COMBINE Social Media // Exclusive DTube video 278

in dtube •  2 months ago

Today I take a look at my social media plan for 2019 and how to include @dtube and the steem blockchain into my traditional social media channels. What's your social media plan for 2019? Let me know in the comments below!

Watch my previous video about the top 50 DTubers for the month of January 2019 here:


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yeah that is indeed a nice initiative and that will make it kind of more interesting for the people who do not know about Steem Blockchain and yeah combining other social medias will give Steem blockchain a lot more focus as well. While for good this a nice start and keep it going and no wonder you are going to be busy in the coming days.
Cheers buddy !!


exactly lol

wonderful post!


I agree lol

It's really a great idea to post about dtube and steem in all social media. I want also to focus on that and I hope every dtuber will do the same. I think we need more interesting people in our platform. ☺


We sure do clix! :)

hola a todo yo aun ando reperdido de todo me he unido recientemente soy de Venezuela no se imaginan lo que estamos pasando aquí es difícil pensar en que hacer o no con mi país como esta casi al borde de una guerra civil anhelo algún día pasar por tu blog con la mente mas clara y entenderte oye suerte esta bueno el articulo..!