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Does Tokenizer ring-a-bell? Sure hope you checked and verified everything? If I or anyone on Steemit loses ANY crypto's from Plus Token Wallet, YOU will be held responsible.

Hi and thanks for the feedback! First of all I always use a disclaimer stating that I don't give financial advice and I'm not a financial adviser so if anyone decides to make any investment choices based upon my content I can't be held responsible and this is all documented on this blockchain, which is a big part of why I am on here. Secondly if any of the steps outlined in my video and/or post do not work anymore I will make an update post and update the existing post like I have done here:

To answer your question I didn't think of tokenizer but I did think of Bitconnect when I first found out about this wallet, but I tested all the steps (which I again documented on the blockchain) and it's all working fine

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gr8 job

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Thanks (: