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Hi there!

This is my new series, where you can "ASK ME ANYTHING"

Because this has just started out and nobody has yet asked me anything I am going to tell a little origin story about myself.

My life has been very very interesting up to this moment. And it is getting more and more interesting with every day!

Love my life, love to live!


HUGE shoutout to @DtubeDaily community, there are a lot of inspiring people there!




Have a great day!


I am asking you Braliukas!

Can You still jam on the piano though?!

Artakush waits for the answer in the bush...

If I would spend a week sitting at the piano I would definitely get my skills back.
The thing is that I don't have a piano.
But I will acquire it.

Hey @ syndicateframes , u received 100% upvote from @gangas . Awesome post.

How to make steem power as early as possible?
If any solutation , please tell me about it

Content every day. Be relentless. Create and create! That is the only way.

Please what is "origins of Reinis" really about?

If you would watch the video, maybe you would undertand...

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Loving the retro Reinis vids! I'm pretty sure youth is meant for blowing things up :P

Really enjoyed learning more about you bro. You're quite the talented dude and so cool to see that you discovered your passion early on!

Haha! Yeah, retro Reinis was a wild teen :D
Now I am wild YOUNG adult :D

Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

Have an amazing day bro!

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