Symbolism of Christmas - The Ass and the Ox

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The notion that there was an ass, or a donkey, and an ox present at the birth of Christ is not in the Bible, yet it is one of the earliest and most persistent images in the representations of the Nativity even until today. I explore the symbolism surrounding this Christmas tradition and how it shows us the purpose of extra-biblical traditions.

It connects with notions of the incarnation, purity and how extreme elements are brought together in Christ.

For more on this, please check two of my article.

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During the Age of Taurus (roughly from 3000 BCE to 800 BCE), the bull and the calf were venerated. As this Age transitioned to Aries, the Mithraic Mysteries arose where the cosmic Christ was sought as one overcame the bull within:Mithras

Note the symbol of the snake. Mithraism apparently grew out of Persia and became popular throughout much of the Roman empire just before the spread of Christianity.

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