Game of SteemSkate Week 3 ‐ Fakie Halfcab heelflip

in dtube •  4 months ago  (edited)

Hey everyone!

Here is my sloppy fakie halfcab heelfip for week 3 of SteemSkate!

I have never been good at any type heelflip, so this was a bit of a struggle. Heelflips are one of those tricks that if you can do them, they look amazing in a line because they flip so slowly. For those of us that have never been able to get them down, well, a game of skate is just that much harder.

Anyway, this isn't so bad after 8 years of not skating. It was really tough to land, but I sort of landed it, right? 🤞 I know it wasn't perfect, so I hope it counts as a land. 🤞 I did many of them, and was never able to land one perfectly.

Well, if you watch it through to the end, you can see that I tweaked my ankle on a heelfip. 🦶

I'm going to have to take a little break because of that, so I'm hoping that this next weeks trick for SteemSkate is a trick where I won't have to flip the board. If it is, and it's a trick I know I can land, I may just have to do it anyway though. 👊

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Dude I wish you a fast recover🤘
It didn't look like a heavy tweak and I hope that's the case. Ice all day bro 👌
Love your spirit man 💕
Really enjoyed your vlog

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I'm sure 15 years ago I would have just brushed it off and kept skating, lol. Thanks man!

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Ooof, that heel! Looking good though man

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Haha, thanks man. Now get on the board!

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Damn awesome man, those ankle rolls are a killer! I’ve had way too many of those now my ankles crack every time I walk lol
You landed some at least so that’s good

I think I remember your brother needing surgery for his. We're gonna be some cranky and brittle old men.

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You are good to go bro!
Thank you for participating 🤘
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Yeahhhhh! Thanks! I know it wasn't clean, but now I know my ankle didn't get tweaked for nothing. just hoping next week ain't a heelflip lol

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DAM dude!
good trying
tweaking ankle for steemskate?
you are CORE my guy