Game of SteemSkate week 4 - Tre flip

in dtube •  6 months ago  (edited)

Well I did it!

I didn't think I'd be able to do it after 8 years of not even trying this trick!

I hope it counts as it wasn't perfect! Sloppy Tre but after my ankle tweek last week I don't think I could land a better one right now.

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Dope bro. Hell Yeah.
Seems like you had quite the battle!

Definitely did. Landed some close ones with pop, but I also want to let the ankle heal. This week's frontside shuv will be good for me as well.

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Yeah bro. Thank you for participating.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.


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I got killed in a two by three with your cards.

You can participate in my giveaway here. You can win an SM card.

That was just one win out of hundreds of losses for me 😂 I need to lvl up my summoners somehow.

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I can't level up my summoners, rather I don't have good summoners :( only to DARIA DRAGONSCALE that I bought it.

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Right on! Keep it going!

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Thanks bro

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You are welcome! Love your work! Go steemskate!

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