Insight Into What '#marlians' And The '' Steem Tribe Is.

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There will be a better-detailed article explaining what #marlians and the tribe is about, however, the video above intends to leave you a 'basic insight' into our enterprise model already.

Marlians is a side-project under the 'Teardrops ecosystem', meaning that it shares its tenets. Each enterprise emanating from the 'Teardrops ecosystem' makes use of a 'proof of tears' reward distribution model, an advancement to steem/steemit's 'proof of brain' reward distribution model. A key aspect of the 'proof of tears' model is 'mining the human'.

Before,, and the TEARDROPS digital currency become mainstream, was a invented as a hybrid or middle-ground. Being a more 'mainstream-type social media platform, we can invite everyone in, create a home, reward human activities that 'mine the human', while introducing them organically to the culture of ulogging and dream-building etc creating awareness for, and in the process.

This and more was discussed in the video above.

Join us on You can earn MARLIANS by adding #marlians to your steem posts or by publishing your post directly via

#steem #steemit #witness-category

You also earn for curating. Why not get some MARLIANS tokens here: ', which can power-up for your vote to have influence.

To submit a video to UloggersTV, send it via google drive or its likes to '[email protected]'.

Kindly vote the 'steemgigs' witness on steem and don't forget to subscribe to UloggersTV (i.e this YouTube channel)

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