Helping A Ulogger (@chireerocks) Build His Noble Dreams With

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I offered a steemgig that can be seen here:

The intention of the gig is as stated, 'to help participants build their noble dream'. The basic gig offers 30-minutes of video call, where i will be paying attention to your story, history and dream, give you advice as a 'legit illiterate' and where viable, help you with some of my resources, available to me courtesy of '' and the 'MARLIANS' token, to motivate you to further your dream into reality.

@chireerocks availed of the gig today. Being a 'certified' ulogger, he paid '1000 MARLIANS' for the 'basic version of the gig' and we carried out a call which was streamed on YouTube, lasting more than 1 HOUR. In it, we spoke of many things, covering his steem journey, life journey, the state of his dream etc. I gave him my perception, me as a 'legit illiterate' and based on my assessment of his 'conviction in his dream', i offered to give him some MARLIANS stake, that he can 'grow' with and well, 'grow his noble dream with'.
I then assured him of the presence of 'an entire Teardrops ecosystem' backing him as his 'true fan'.

I gave him a publication to read, which can be found here: ''.

which you can read too!

This gig is available to anyone. Where you have a 'noble dream' and want to bring it to reality and need help, i can help. Avail of the gig by sending in the required MARLIANS amount and let's go.

You won't lose!

Please do well to share this gig with anyone you know who is building their 'noble dream'.

If you do a steemgig of your own, accept MARLIANS too. When publishing your gig post, make sure to use '#steemgigs and #marlians', so that we can support the post on

You can get MARLIANS tokens here: ''

#steemgigs #marlians #uloggers

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Really impressive sir. How do I get to join in on Marlians?

Please see if you can avail of this gig. Let's discuss ways to build your noble dream with ''. Where deemed feasible, we will look to help you with some stake to grow with.

In the meantime, do your own gigs too and accept MARLIANS. Make sure to use #steemgigs and #marlians if you do so.

Share my gig with anyone wanting to build their noble dreams. I can help them however small. This is the meaning of 'your boy terry'. Please teach them how to get and send in the required MARLIANS amount, if they don't know how to.

See my gig post here:

See sample of @chireerocks who has availed of my gig and paid in MARLIANS and his experience:

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@surpassinggoogle, Thank you so much for your kind mention brother and definitely this session was blessful one. Stay blessed and blessings of light is with you.

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