I'm A Skatergirl Now! Video Proof of Ride Inside 🤙

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Happiness is a state of activity. - Aristotle

You can tell.

My whole life the hardest challenge has always been to not do anything at all. I've always found the greatest pleasure in being active, learning new things and discovering the world.

Activity is able to teach us so much about ourselves.

You fall and stand up, try once again, learn to be patient but consistent, live up true passion, uncover your weak points, overcome the fear to fail again, discover your biggest strength and... grow!

Skateboarding at the age of (almost) 38 is probably not the safest way of spending some free time, but sometimes you just gotta favor excitement over the easy way...

The adrenaline helps to keep being focussed and anticipate danger.

I would always prefer to come home with some bruises instead of not having left.

Here's the Youtube version of my today's 2 minutes of skating fun:

By the way, you can also follow me on Instagram now!

In my new and public account called Surfing Donkeys I'll be sharing my favorite GoPro shots and promoting my DTube videos: https://www.instagram.com/surfingdonkeys


Have a great one.

Much love,
Marley -

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Thanks for being part of the journey!


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Original content. Filmed with my GoPro Hero 7.

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Ok, that's my favorite quote forever! Hapiness is the state of activity!! SOooo true...just keep doing stuff and you'll never get depressed! You just too cool hahah :D

Hehe, I'm glad you like it :-)
I'm only cool in front of the cameras, lol

Indeed physical activity and mental state are directly related. I notice that when I haven't been doing any sports for a couple of days. Then I get itchy and nervous, which can even turn out to be annoying for people in my environment :-)

Have a nice and active weekend!

Totally, same here :) 2-3 days and I'm all nervous and itchy :)

Marlene you’re brave! I like relating with people as you.

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Hehe, thanks! It's all just for the cameras :-D lol

Again cool skate video, really like your enthusiasm for adrenaline!

If you had not shared your age then I would not have probably guessed it right because you do look way younger and you are the practical example of 'Age being just a number only'.

Why choose the name 'surfingdonkey's?

Thanks a lot for those nice compliments @bluemist :-)

I was actually planning to call it the flyingdonkey's, but then thought it should be related with surfing. The story of the Flying Donkey is even eternalized on the Steem blockchain, you may want to check it out HERE. That's the very reason why my account is called like that now :-)

Hope you have a fantastic day!

He he pretty comfortable way of travelling downhill there @ the end of the video!! Such beautiful weather you have.... enjoy your weekend....

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Oh yeah, it already feels like summer! Today we are at about 27 degrees Celsius, perfect conditions!
That ride downhill was indeed very relaxing, hehe :-)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, too, Chris!

No, No , Wait 😬

Surfing + Skating Please let me know what are the more crazy things that you are still hiding, lol

Loving that Beach view in the background, I guess so it's beach, or is it ocean, hehe

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Haha, I could add bungee and sky diving, but I don't want to shock you :-D

There were just rocks in the back, no beach. But today I posted some pics from the beach though :-)

Yeah bungee jumping really shocked me😁😁.

Ahh, I must have a look at it then😊

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yo de adolescente practicaba Skate board tenia una patineta Santa Cruz 7.6 Trucks Destructo, Ruedas variflex, fue motivo de muchos problemas con mi padre, descuidaba los estudios rompía los zapatos tratando de hace piruetas, sin contar los golpes y rasguños jajajaja. pero guardo hermoso recuerdo con mis amigos.

Jeje me imagino que a esa edad uno está aún más atrevido!! Yo no me arriesgo ya tanto, e intento verlo como hobby pero no como una locura :-D
Gracias por compartir tus recuerdos aquí!! Espero que tengas un súper finde :-)

Nice Proof of Ride!
I only just noticed you are goofy footed. (Is that term used in Canary Islands too?)
I think skateboarding made me a better surfer (but I wasn't that great to begin with, so there's that.)
Snowboarding next?

Hi Marly,
Nice skateboarding! You may find it easier to put your right foot on the front of the board to start from still ... rather than your left. I am goofy foot like you but only start on my left foot occasionally - the same goes for propelling yourself along - right foot on the board is easier for goofies! You are awesome - keep wearing those pads and gloves - concrete is way less forgiving than water!

Btw: it is of course great practice to skate either way and even natural style - you will need that in a half pipe!

Upped and resteemed :D

Oh no. then maybe soon i also will be targeting of been a skaterguy. Lol.
Nice to hear about that

Wao! nice, really good. @surfermarly

Brilliant @surfermarly.
A lot of my pals are surfing and just skate to stay in shape when they can't go surf.
I can't believe you are 37 from your looks and smile.Adrenaline and a happy life sure makes us look younger.
Can't wait for more skate videos from you.

It's never too late to learn, skateboarding is adrenaline, and above all, surpassing yourself, I practice skateboarding and I hope I can do it until the body endures, greetings from Venezuela.

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