You & Me: Here's The Best Of 8 Months In 3 Minutes 💙

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High five to my 5,000 followers! Only 28th days ago I celebrated my 4,000 followers milestone, and now you are already 1,000 more! That's incredible!!!

Take this little best-of video (click on the image above) as a sign of appreciation and proof of my sentimentality :-)

It's funny to see what's all happened and changed in only 8 months. And I'm not talking about my hair style...:-) It was on the 26th of April 2017 when I published my very fist GoPro video snorkeling around.

Today's video is already my number 60 (sixty!) - can you believe that?!

@surfermarly's YouTube channel: 60 videos in 8 months published

There's one thing for sure: It's never been boring - and it won't ever be. That's my promise!

Thank you infinitely for your loyalty, Steemians! You are just the best.

Much love,
Marly -

PS: If you can't display the video on DTube, here's the YouTube version:

Thanks for your valuable time!
This blog was launched at the end of July 2016
aiming to provide stories for open-minded
people who enjoy living on the edge of their lives,
stepping out of comfort zones, going on adventure,
doing extreme sports and embracing the new.
Welcome to the too-much-energy-blog!

PS: Don't forget that this is a troll-free zone.

Original content.

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Felicidades guapa, que sigas teniendo mas éxitos en Steemit, eres una inspiración para muchos. @surfermarly

Muchas gracias por tus palabras, Ana! :-)
La verdad que sí el año nuevo ha empezado muy bien, y muchas cosas parezen salir mágicamente.
Espero que con tu peque está todo bien y estén disfrutando verlo crecer.
Un fuerte abrazo!!

Nice post as always! It was fun to see the recap and think about your steem journey. Congrats my friend on 5K followers WOW! This is truly AwEsOmE but realize that not to long from now you'll be at 6K because what you offer is that good! Thank you for all the hard work and inspiration. I've enjoyed growing along side you.

Thank you so much for your lovely words and for being here ALWAYS.
You're one of my longest followers, and I love chatting with you ever since! Thanks for everything :-)

It was fun to see the recap and think about your steem journey.

Oh you have no idea how much fun it was compiling this one :-) There were some clips on the hard disk I didn't even remember having recorded.

Ya welcome!😊
We got your back!
Following you like a cart follows a horse....LOL!
Wish you more milestones in shorter times!

Following you like a cart follows a horse....LOL!

Haha, best comment so far! :-D
I know you're always out here. Sorry for that!!! I really appreciate your time and loyalty.

I love your content. Thank you very much

Uuuh, that's too much bling bling for my old eyes.
But thanks for the compliment :-)

Its no problem at all
As long as you keep creating your great contents!....Hehehe

hahaha I loved the video, I see because you have all those followers, still reaping success, I will definitely follow you cordial greetings friend @surfermarly

Hhaha, I loved " She only surfs on steemit " :p

Very happy to see you getting this much success. I watched your video and now got an idea why people like you and how you have grown to 5000 subscribers.
Best of luck for this year.
Just followed and upvoted you to not miss out the interesting content coming from you in future.

Thanks for this compliment :-) I'm following back.

Congratulations Marly!!!
SO much fun hanging out in Lisbon with you at SteemFest² 😀
Do you remember last year: We had a brief exchange after you commented on one of my posts; here was that photo:
When I followed you, I apologized for becoming your 421st follower, taking out the 'magical' #420...
Still here to delight and entertain, and so glad to hear of your very successful charitable initiatives at SteemFest² 😇

Have the best weekend ever Marly!

Craiggles 😀

Of course I do remember that! Wow, life's running fast :-)
It was nice meeting you at Steemfest²!!
Sending you my best wishes for the weekend


What an action-packed last 8 months you've had!

I'm looking at getting a camera, would you recommend a go-pro then?

P.s. I beat ya to 5k, and maybe to 6 but I predict you'll beat me to 7000!

Haha, I know you hit 5K a few days ago. Massive!
If I wasn't so bad at it, I'd propose a bet :-D

I'd recommend a GoPro to everybody, it's really a groundbreaking device. Imagine, they don't even pay me for saying that! :-)

I'll bet you a huge 1 STEEM that you beat me to 7000!?

GoPro it could well be then, need something for these sharks to nibble on!

LOL - go get them! You can be the next Mick Fanning, and you know it :-D

The bet is on! ✋ 1 Steem that you'll be faster in reaching 7 K.

alright! 🤞🏽

Don't forget to blog every day, you'll reach 7000 by the end of Feb!

Wohooo end of feb is a word!

I'm so going to win! But I think we both win really - 7000 gonna be like 😲😁😁✌🏽

You're taking off! I don't think I'll be able to beat you... which means that I will win those 5 Steem - haha! Get your wallet ready for a little transfer :-D

You grow super fast :-) big congratulations


Haha, Ash - you just killed it! :-)

Haha 😁😜

Can't usually pass up an opportunity like that!

And, I think you killed it today!

I meant her channel ;-) lol

LOL - ah you meant the channel! Now I got it :-D

I should say, you evolving super fast in the best version of you. And your Channel with you... That I guess, would sound much better ;-)

It's all good :-) I probably wouldn't have ever read something between the lines without Ash's comment.

Sorry, yes I knew that but have trouble passing up these opportunities!

Yeah, I know. I didnt realise how does it sound until you made the comment . Lol

Love it Marley! congrats on 5,000 followers, you deserve it now on to 10,000. I'm excited to see hoe your blog grows and how your content gets better and better. Thanks for being an awesome member of this community!

Thanks for your kindness, @arqetype! The inspiration is mutual :-)

Makin' all kindz of Follower "Gainz" @sufermarly! HAHA

Just trying to grow to your level Charles :-)

I see you have 144 new followers since yesterday!!!!

144 new ones in a DAY! I'm so winning this bet!

found you on @matthewtimothy youtube channel and when I saw your page was like wow.... totally awesome... I'm glad I found your blog... keep smiling

Too cool! I'm going to collaborate with Matt soon, we're working on a project together.
Nice to meet you and thanks for your compliments :-)

you're​ worth it... I will keep my eyes open for the collaboration.

That's such a genuine video! I started surfing about a year ago and am completely obsessed with it so will sure watch your videos and listen to advice! :-)

Oh how cool is that @ingaaa! Your intro post took off to the moon, very well done :-)
Good to see you again here in my blog. Enjoy your first days on Steemit!!

hey hey marly, 5000 is a crazy crazy number if you consider it, onwards and upwards! can't wait to see your projects unfold in 2018.

It's REALLY crazy, you're totally right - haha!
Thanks for stopping by. There so many projects in my pipeline that I put extend day time from 24 to 48 hours on my Christmas wishlist :-P

when you get that christmas wish covered let me know the amazon code so i can buy myself some! :)

Haha, I'll let you know! :-)

Wow inspiration for all people in the steem community of the possibilities!!

Thank you! That's been the plan :-)

Congrats on the followers! I mountain bike, don't surf...we only have river surfing here. Have you tried?

Not yet! There's an awesome river wave in Munich (where my brothers live) and I had the chance to try it but then was too afraid of making a fool of myself in front of 100 people watching :-D I think it's a complete different way of surfing, so I'd need to do that without having much audience one day...

only if you have a minute....i have a post on river surfing in the winter. we spotted a bunch of crazies recently. You might get a kick out of it. I'll link it if you're interested.

Sure, share it! :-)

These guys/women are crazy tough. That water is fridgid! The only thing missing was chunks of ice floating by.

Wow you didn't promise too much! That's incredibly cool. Thanks for dropping the link, got my upvote and am following you now :-)

Thanks! Those guys are pretty awesome. Thanks for stopping my page.

Well Marly Congratulations!

Life is really uncertain because it shows me uncertainty quite often. A month ago i just know the word of steemit then made an account and started surfing on it to more about it. I followed you and many other great Authors like you and learnt a lot in all these days.

Yes i am one of those 5000 followers of you, you guided and taught me many new things in all these days. I am really Thankful to you for all the tips @surfermarly

I am convinced that you are doing really great at your end and i assure you i will be contributing at my end to make this platform a wonderful place together for sure.

Your Video is really awesome especially where you and the other guy found an Alien :P

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Very nice‼️ You have 5000 Followers and I wish I can have 500 Followers, but I’m also very glad with my 7 followers 😇🤞🏾🚀📈♻️

Now you have got 8 :-)

Hahhaa ... 😘💐💐💐

Dreams and goals come true , congratulations on this milestone and much more to come in your path. God Bless .

feeling so sad... cause nobody upvote my commentss

Thanks for your wishes!

@surfermarly Hi fives ya back. Keep doing wonderful things for the Steemit community. I invite you and all who read this to come and support a contest I am doing called "Together We Build 3" it is a great way to interact and help the community get stronger. Thank you.

You are welcome your is wonderful and great. I will always get your back.congratulations wish you more great achievement as you climb the ladder of success

congratulation I aim to do it just like how you do it and put in the hard work... follow me and i will surely follow back.. want to build a family here that can challenge me

owo its Amazing parformance really not to eusy @surfermarly thanks for share

Awesome! Congratulations!

Congratulations, but i'm not surprised, you're so happy person ;)

Hi, I am just new in this lovelydigital community, and justI enjoyd coz u are very active and jolly , keep sharing and hv a humble req. Plz. Support me @ahmads dnt know, this is gd to req. Or not , but I am new nd things not goingdo to be good,

Congratulations! It's a great achievement. I hope you will ne happy and I wish the success to continue :) Let it be 10k! all the best. You deserve it.

It all start small and now you are here and soon you will be celebrating 10,000 followers. I am really learning a lot from your blog. Congrats for your achievement

It's great to hear that, thank you!

what is the difference of dtube than others?

On DTube you get (instantly) rewarded by your own audience. The more they like your content, the merrier. Tokenization will replace advertisement as the classic content monetization tool here. Also being a decentralized application on DTube there is no censorship. That doesn't mean that you don't need to respect copyright laws, but it enables you to practice freedom of speech at its best. DTube is based on the Steem blockchain, one of the most advanced technologies you may find right now.
I'd suggest to just try it :-)


Wow! 5000 followers? Well done!!

loved it! congratulations :)

Love your energy, I will be watching you so that I can learn from you! I am new here and never created a blog until now so I'm looking for inspiration and ideas. And well done on your milestone :)

Thanks for the compliment! If you need any help or have any questions to get started, just let me know :-)

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated! I guess I would like to know how you built up your following? Did it take long?

Wow congratulations to you! We gotta celebrate!

I am sure what you want to achieve, you can achieve it because you have the courage within you.
Keep Rocking

congratulations for incres 5000 follwer .
great work

Congratulations on a job well done while inspiring other to do the same!
Time for a party.

waoo its amazing
please also follow me and vote me

Good post :)

I really like your posts, keep the spirit and be the best

congratsssssss....... we want party @surfermarly :)


Thank you! It's always a good day to have a good day :-)

Congratsssssss....... @surfermarly! What is needed to get to the same number? Would you share this with the rookie :)

You are indeed an energetic and stunning lady. You are always creating a wonderful stuff for great knowledge and entertainment. Congratulations and Steem On higher and higher.

Congrats yoyo upon the achievement of the lovely followers of 5000 :)
We all sure love your posts and the appreciation you give towards everyone that is indeed great !
The jump sue was cool though ;)

Saya suka jika ada waktu datang bog saya

Congratulations! You
Surely have great and quality content that’s why you have reached thousands of followers. Looking forward to your future posts😀

wow 5000 followers..It;'s really amazing..
You come with your new video......
Best of luck

congatulation @surfermarly thanks for shareing your exprerience


Congrats 🎉🎈🍾.

Im new to steemit and DTube. If you get a chance go check out my blogs and DTube videos.

post good and interesting, do not forget follow me thank you good luck continued in steemit #fauziafrizal

Fabulous one!!

Looks like you're having a great time at life! I wish I had an eighth of the amount of steam and ability to do as you do!
Following now!

Wow! 5000 is a whole lot. Am so happy for you. I'll keep following you and wishing you more followers

Congratulations on your success! You deserve it! :)

Hi surfer.. Congrats.. Glad i am one of them.. So nice to see a long journey in a single video.. You are really energetic.. God bless you

Very fun! Look at you go for it! Fun, inspiring, and lots of "just trying it out". I've wanted to start doing videos too. You are inspiring me to just start! Keep it up. You've got another follower.

tolles video! Die Frisur hält auch gegen den Wind einigermaßen stand ;)

Haha, erinnert mich an Heidi Klum in der 3-Wetter-Taft Werbung vor... ehm... vielen Jahren :-D

really in 3 minutes

Congratulations!!! The next time you come to the Baleal, Peniche, says something.

Congratulation. 5000 followers is pretty amazing. You are real inspiration. Btw, video is awesome.

thanks, happy today

Greetings from Austria

Nice profile picture, Leo :-)

I did not have a nice one of mine and since I think it's great, I think I'll soon get one of my own.

YEWW! Congratulations! Well deserved.

i found aliens too :)

me encanto tu video! te diviertes muchoooo! que buena vida! saludos y bendiciones que sigas cosechando exitos!

i can;t wait to have my

Your content is amazing! You are correct when you say that your stuff is never boring; it's thrilling and informational. I don't surf but if I wanted to learn I could definitely pick up a few tips from you. Keep up the good work and congrats on all the followers!

Following you for the joy of your inspiration. Congratulations on 5000!

good job

wooow!!! excellent, congratulations!!!
your information is very good

This is awesome!! Kudos to you

Congrats! Keep it up still plenty of followers to come your way!

awwww. this is an excellent video.
I had so much fun watching. It's a life I'm curious about.
you have a wonderful life. and you are so sweet :)
The only goal in the SteMeT platform is to make enough money to live a life like yours. I am trying to produce quality content for this :) For the time being I am little but I hope that one day I will notice :)
I watched my video 2 times. I like it so much !!!
Great happiness for me to follow!
I send lots of love!

amazing video. thx for sharing. :)

Congratulations on achieving such an outstanding milestone. Keep it up.
Need your support on growing through this platform. Please upvote.

You haven't published anything that I might upvote...
Growth requires some efforts @faizan-ashraf, this is not wonderland :-)

I joined steemit community that day and have started to post and interact with steemit community. Hopeful to get results on efforts. Thanks.

You have a very fun life. I would like to live like you and enjoy your life like you :) Thanks for sharing :)

Hello @surfermarly

Please i will really appreciate it if you follow me and i promise you will love my post

And now you have one more 😍

Welcome back!
More followers to your account.

I'm new to this awesome community and have just come across you, you lead such an awesome life :D Keep adventuring and documenting it all!

I will say you definitely deserve success. Not so long ago you just offered a faucet to minnow who just commented and I thought that was so inspiring and "giving". With 127 comments so far I don't know if you will see this, but I have taken that approach as well.

Congratulations. We got your back. Go make history.

I think your Post is for a big group of people very helpful!
Thx for making this Website for us!
Upvote when your in my opinion @alokkamboj

wow! great achievement , congratulations!

Aye another SURFER ON DTUBE! Keep up the killer work on here! Congrats on 5k+!!! I'm out here in San Diego, and just started posting on Dtube, I have over 400 videos I've posted on YouTube, and have had a WAY better time here on Dtube! Hope to chat with ya in the future!

Thank you!

I know you're a surfer, I'm following you since 9 months :-)
My comment on your blog:

Maybe we've never started a convo because you never replied :-)
Happy Sunday!