A Regular Day In My Life: Jumping Off An Airplane At 13,000 Feet

in dtube •  last year

Those of you who've ever done a skydive in their lives know: that moment when they open the airplane's door, you believe being part of a movie!

Everything about it seems completely unreal and illogical. I mean from a strictly rational point of view there is no reason to jump out of a plane. Your brain starts to send out adrenaline into every single cell of your body, and all kinds of surviving techniques are activated.

Your body screams from the inside: don't do it!!!

Still you ignore all these alerts... because you're hungry. Hungry to live on the edge of life, hungry to exceed your own limits and to literally broaden your horizon.

You're on the hook of life.

I love those types of extreme sports since they teach you that you're able to overcome any sort of fear. These moments demonstrate us that we're capable of much more than we actually dare to do.

These adventures also put us into place, they make us humble. We suddenly recognize that we're just tiny little beings that don't even come close to the power of nature. We're so unimportant in this infinite universe.

Still, we're the ones who decide what and when. We're in charge of making the very best of our lives, every single day.

Go out and live! Life is short :-)
Best, Marly -

PS: Just in case you can't display the video on DTube, here's the low res YouTube version:

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Wow el sueño de muchos es saltar de un avión, la verdad me da pánico!


Pues no te puedes imaginar el pánico que sentí cuando abrieron las puertas jaja Piensas que están de broma y alguien dirá: venga, vamos para bajo en avión! :-) Pero no... ahí solo hay un camino de vuelta.


Wow amigo que experiencia, sentiste miedo?


Amigo? Así que no viste ni el vídeo jajaja Soy una chica vale.


Disculpa, suelo comentar mucho y utilizo es amigo! sorry amiga :)


No probs :-)


I'm lost oooo... Lolzzz😂😂😂😂☺😊😊🙈🙉🙊


what the heck! i ain't doing that for a million dollars. my heart even skips at the sight of that video. Excuse me, did you just say a regular day in your life? following you right away

Noooo wayyy you did that!!! I would die from a heart attack! :-O


Haha, you can't die because who uploads the video then?! :-D


I guess nobody would want to see a video that shows me sh... my pants! XD

What you feel at the time of diving from the sky?


On a physical level you feel the aerodynamic drag, on a mental level you only feel pure freedom! :-)

Ohhhhhhhhh Waoooo @surfermarly you are real adventurer and enjoy your life much. I enjoyed and my daughter much excited to see you while diving.


Haha, so you made it become a little family event? Sweet! :-)


yes off course

That my friend was some incredible footage! Some of the most up close and personal I think I've ever seen involving sky diving. You seemed to have it together up there which is a feet in itself. Your instructor was great and did a super good job. He was kool! I had a buddy of mine who did the same as you but upon landing smashed his ankle so that was it for him. He never got back on the horse again but to each their own I say. What a great day this must have been for you! Happy and proud of and for you! Excellent!

That funny I'd never do that..

Hey surfermarly,

OMGGG, Jumping from the planeeee...Congrats for doing one of the things in life which people wish to do. It is on my bucket list.

I want to know, what were your thoughts while jumping off the plane? What it feels going down and what was in your mind at that time?

keep it up with your great expression..
thank you
@ uvoted

Great experience, but be careful.

you are a complete crazy. I could not look down🙈


It's so completely unreal that you can't even feel anything! It's hard to describe, but 13K feet is so high that you don't even notice that you're actually falling from the sky.


I can not open my eyes 🙈

nice post and great video also. I likes your post. DTUBE is a great plartform for us.....

Airplane jumping is so risky but its so nice and I like this .................

i too love skydiving but literally, i fear from it so much.
But Thanks for your post, it had eliminated my fear to some extent and i wish i will try it some day with Allah's will.

wow i will die in a second.

I love having these experiences through other people as there is no way I would go through with it,LOL. RESPECT to you for doing it. Love your videos.

Wao increíble, mucho coraje y valentía, te deseo mucho éxito.

This is what we call a fearless life ;)

Still you ignore all these alerts... because you're hungry. Hungry to live on the edge of life, hungry to exceed your own limits and to literally broaden your horizon.

I did not have any skydive experience but after watching your video you actually put some positive energy in me and i am thinking about to have it at least once in my life Marly. They way you are gliding with your guide/protector is superb and yes that dive suit is wonderful too ;)

Keep sharing such positive activities :) :)


Thank you! :-)

An other kind of courage to open the door of the plane, and look more

really ? its a great video......you will running create this type posting....i waiting for your next post..

only crazy people jump out of a perfectly fine aircraft XD

No way. That is totally amazing. Wow just wow.

Ooops.. how crazy it is..
really Adventurous ..

That is so cool @surfermarly !! I have always dreamed of jumping off an airplane :P You seem so confident and brave!

And I have a question that I thought maybe you could help me with since you use dtube quite a lot. It was my first time using dtube today, and I tried to add two videos to my post. It worked well, but I did not realize that those videos would also get posted to my steemit blog separately when I added them to dtube. There must be a way to add something to dtube without making a separate steemit post as well right? Sorry if I am asking a stupid question, I tried to google but I could not find any clear answer... Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: Oh, am I supposed to write the whole post on dtube?

This is definitely on my to do list.
I know what you mean by that fear you have to overcome, took a bit for me to get back on my board after a bad injury, but I'm so glad I did. There is something special about sports like this, they force you to be in the moment, like the best meditation teacher you ever met.
You got a new follower.

actually i never dare to do...life is short and i enjoy my life with the ground...you are so dashing.....

Me imagino la emoción que pudiste haber experimentado, uno de mis sueños es lanzarme al vació en paracaídas \o/

Wow ... oo nice jumping ... Its so amazing Thanks for your post @surfermarly

Well its nice stuff @surfermarly. Your practice is prefect to landed and interest is high level. Appreciate the value of thought.
I like your adventure day , all the best and keep steeming

Rad! You rock

Sehr mutig & ein schönes Video! Vielen Dank, dass wir dran teilhaben dürfen! Ich würde mich das niemals trauen!

I was wowed at first when i first discovered that the word "impossible" could be split to "i-m-possible", it brings to mind that truly impossibility is but an illusion and that we are truly capable of remarkable feats.

In a program titled "FREAKS OF NATURE" on Discovery channel, one of the freaks, i think, did say " i believe we should battle the forces of nature, cuz only then do we feel alive!", i Paraphrased though.

And i believe we are seem as tiny beings in this enormous universe because we have only discovered a tiny fraction of what we are capable of!

Continue discovering ma'am!😉

Hi my friend surfermarly , i'm glad to see your post, a very beautiful post as always :) this video is really nice

enjoyed the video..it looks so scary but looks so fun to try :)

Wow..... Loving 😍😍😍

It might be a regular day for you but is sure is cool and awesome by the way to get out in the air like flying that is indeed cool !
Would love to do it someday ;)

Hell no... I would die lol