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in dtube •  9 months ago

Yesterday I enjoyed my very first surf session after one month of illness. It was also my very first recording with the new GoPro Hero 6 in the water.

To be honest the session felt like my second birth - not only becaus it was quite hard to get out there paddling against the currents, haha!

Man, did you ever take a longer break from sports and then came back and thought you could just take up your original fitness level? Puuuh, after only one hour I was completely exhausted.

Still I needed that surf so much in many senses! The mandatory break was tough to handle from a mental perspective, since I'm not used to live without sports at all. I really need it to feel good - and complete.

Click ▶️ HERE or on the above image to watch the whole video!

Now you won't see impressive shots catching waves in my today's video, buuuuut the beginning of the clip pretty much reveals how it felt when I was approaching the beach yesterday. My heart was beating as if I was on my way to the first day at school :-)

That gave the name to my today's video: HEARTBEATS.

I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments.

Much love,
Marly -

PS: If you can't display the video on DTube, here's the YouTube version:

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So schaut's aus, haha!

Awesome - I bet it's great to get back in the water.

I'm actually testing out the SwellTech SurfSkate for a review on our blog at the moment.

So far, I've found that the board responds very similarly to a surfboard - which is incredible. Hopefully this will keep me sharp while I'm out of the water 🏄


Now that's pretty cool! Have you tried the Carver, too - and if yes how would you describe the differences between Carver and SurfSkate? I have a Carver, and it helps me a lot to improve my surfing.

Awesome - I bet it's great to get back in the water.

Oh I have no words, it was massive! After one month I was almost driving crazy not being able to surf. Now life does make sense again :-)


Not yet - if I test it out soon I'll let you know :D


Thats incredibly cool a neat approach towards the waves, I think you should make some how to surf videos now? Get well soon with the bronchitis thing😪


Thank you! I'm almost fully recovered. Yesterday I got an important mental boost with that surf session, the rest is gonna be easy.

One of my brothers told me the same! :-) Maybe I'll do some surf tutorials one day. Good idea!

It's good to see to rocking again. Your fitness level is really awesome. Your enthusiasm about sports and surfing is really inspirational.


Sweet! Thank you :-)
I've always been much into sports. To me it's the best way of living a balanced, thus both phyiscally and mentally healthy life.


May you be blessed with health and happiness:) Your life is really inspirational.

You looked like a ballerina getting up on the surfboard (so elegant)!

PS - Is this beach in South Africa?


Haha, thanks for your lovely words! You made my day :-) I rather felt like an elephant - lol
That beach is located on the Canary Island "Lanzarote".

Great to see you back in the water! And stay healthy! :)


Thank you! It felt amazingly good :-)


Glad to hear that! :) I did some bodyboarding this weekend...always good times too

hows your health right now after one month ohh :O i hope you are feeling better now <3 seems like you enjoyed and how about stamina because one month illness could have ruined all of your stamina ??

You sure seems to enjoying after a month gap ;)


You have no idea how much!! :-)


Well more are gonna come in the coming days, RIGHT ;)

After almost one month it really seems unrealistic but your ways and techniques are quite impressive. Due to gap of one month the curves of the waves seem difficult to handle but you did really well, Marly :)

Stay Blessed, Steem On!


Today the ocean was pretty rought, so I had actually no chance to show my best techniques here :-) It's winter, so the swell's quite strong and waves don't break very smoothly. In a couple of weeks it'll be easier to handle.

Thanks for your encouragement!


I would really love to watch your skills in couple of weeks <3

You are always welcome the wonderful Soul :)


I'm pretty sure it's gonna be on dtube :-)

Wow amiga me alegro mucho que hallas recuperado para hacer lo que te gusta, se ve y se nota la adrenalina al Surfear increíble, quisiera vivir esa hermosa experiencia :D


Muchas gracias! La verdad que sí lo he disfrutado a tope, especialmente porque no pude coger olas durante tanto tiempo. La adrenalina forma parte del juego así como las endorfinas :-)


Imagino, nadie puede parar tanto tiempo de hacer lo que le gusta, la playa es en lanzarote? alli vive una parte de mi familia :D

I really envy you @surfermarly in a good way. Where I am, it is only show and dull grey sky.


I'll send you some sunrays! :-)


Sunrays received :-)

Glad you're back doing what you love.



Me, too!!!!!!!! :-)

inam loving this its so good i was i could do that but i know i will

@surfermarly how you feeling now?
Your first recoding is so amazing keep it up bro.


Much better, thanks! :-)
I'm glad you enjoyed the session.


yes you are the best. i will check now regular for new surf sessions. Good luck

I love watching videos with dtube. And I like watching this kind of thing in life. I love your videos a lot.

Well wish to you that come back in surfing. Go ahead with positively. Obviously in advice on physician.

must be feeling good to be back again :)

wow thats amaaing you are amazing

Very enjoyable and adventurer activity, nice to see you here in video while surfing. I think @surfermarly you are by birth sportswoman. My prayers and best wishes for your long health.you should take care of yourself. In support main thing is your Stamina, and if break comes between it due to any reason then effected on it. You look so fresh and excited in video. thanks for providing us live opportunity to see you here.

I'm not used to live without sports at all. I really need it to feel good - and complete.

Nice post.good job.

Hey @surfermarly
It's a lot of pleasure to see your return and interest in the game. You are really fit and smart for activity to continue. Always steeming good and informative blogs. This great for steemian and fellows.

After this you have a very positive experience, So This is called " The power of positive thinking.... "
keep moving forward :)

Woouuuu que Genial!

Me encantaría algún dia Surfear. Aunque me da miedo se puede sentir la paz y tranquilidad.

Gracias por compartir. Saludos desde Colombia.

Nothing to say,,awesome

Nice post you are great Awesome video...7852A06F-99C5-4E54-8DDA-B85288C15254.gif

For me the big waves big it's scary

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@surfermarly really like your dtube videos your vlogs are just so good that if I at some point of time start doing vloging then you will be my motivation ... Keep steeming !!!!!!

aaahh !!! That's great that you are back !!

The beginning of the video definitely felt like first day of your school as you said it. But when you are surfing already, it's like you are with your baby again!!

I wish to talk technical stuff about surfing after I start learning it myself next month :D

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nice dtube video. I like your post very much.
thanks for sharing.

That surf looks pretty heavy, that will test you after a month laid up. I’m glad you’re felling better. We’ve had 2-4m seas here for the past few days from a Cyclone in the coral sea.

welcome back to the water. Sorry to hear you were out for so long.

Also know that if you ever come to San Diego, I'd love to paddle out with you.

Keep the posts coming.

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Really enjoyed that post keep up the good work 👏