Dtube: New Year's Bash || Dancing And Surfing Into 2018 [GoPro Shoot]

in dtube •  10 months ago

Oh boy, if the rest of the New Year is going to be as fun as the 1st of January, then this is gonna be beyond awesome!

Here's my happy New Year's Baptism - enjoy! :-)

To watch the video on Dtube just click on the piture above or HERE.

Hugs & kisses,
Marly -

PS: If you can't open the video on Dtube, here's the YouTube version for you:

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Everything what you do with passion looks good, result in perfection and makes you Day by Day better.
Very Nice video, enjoy every Day and keep making memories for life!!


Thanks for your lovely words, @livelifefullest!
Currently I feel as if this year is going to be one of the best ones I've lived so far :-) Maybe some of these overwhelming good vibes were even transmitted in the video.
Happy New Year to you!

1 A!!!!


Hihi, Danke!!!
Hast Du gesehen bei welchem Payout meine letzten drei Videos gerade stehen? Da wird einem schwindelig :-D Unglaublich!

Looks like so much fun and the tune was uplifting as well! Yes, I believe 2018' is gonna RoCk! Dancin' on the wall was kool. I was hoping to see some beach sleepers!?! Happy New Year Marly!


I was hoping to see some beach sleepers!?!

Haha, I couldn't film them. It would have been too embarassing for all of us :-D
I counted 4... Then I had my head unter water.

Happy Happy New Year to you, too!!

I need a go-pro or something, you make the editing look easy!

And hear rumours you have an unlicensed drone in your garage? Go-pro plus drone = dtube heaven!


hear rumours you have an unlicensed drone in your garage?

Haha, good to know that I spread the rumors by myself :-)
It'll take me a couple of months more to get that little drone ready. There is no school that teaches you how to fly one on my island, so I'll have to travel to a neighbour island. Right now it's impossible for me to manage that. So there it is, my little unlicenced €1,000 drone...:-P



Not really a rumor then is it I suppose!

That's a shame, you bought a nice one!


Haha no, not really. I posted it on the blockchain in an article by myself :-P
Well it's not lost - just parked...

Nice video. Great start into the new year, doing what you love to do. What more can you wish.


What more can you wish.

Nothing at all :-)

Thanks for being here always!!!
Big hugs and Happy New Year!!!

I could feel the breeze from here. wow it was ecstatic, so much fun!!!! i wish am not scare of the ocean.
Happy new year @surfermarly.


I'm glad to hear that! I had a blast today, and I think some of these overwhelming positive vibes were transmitted right away in the video :-)
Happy New Year @sirfreeman! Love your nickname btw


Thanks @surfermarly. just call me Freeman no need for the sir

You are so cool Marly! Have a wonderful 2018 and keep hanging ten!


Haha, thanks for the flowers!
Happy 2018 for you, too :-)

Cooles Teil hast du da zusammengestellt.
Wünsch dir das Beste für 2018 :)


Hehe, Dankeschön! :-)
Freut mich, dass es Dir gefallen hat.
Dir auch einen super Start in ein hoffentlich sehr erfülltes 2018!

I'm still trying to sort the fleece lined boots with the cut-offs?
What kinda weather do you have in the Canaries?
PS - Happy to hear you quit in Nov.


I'm a classic marketing victim that loves buying brands :-)
These are UGG Australia boots. The best thing about them is that you can wear them both in winter and summer. Right now it's winter time on Canaries, which means that we've got around 20 degrees Celsius outside temp during the day.

I quit (wrong verb in the video: quitted :-)) smoking on the 4th November 2016. This was one of my best decisions ever.

Happy New Year @yulem!


And the best to you in this New Year too!
I'll share the boot info with my daughter who I think will be interested. (I don't look good in fleece boots!)
Temps here in Florida are cold for us. Highs Wed and Thu will be 12; low around 1.
Normal temps here should be 22/11.

I also wish I could live everyday of the year with the same energy and optimism like the 1st January. Today we did a outdoor shot of our dance video.


It's actually all in your head :-) Thus people can train to become more focused at any time.
Dance video sounds very nice. Are you going to publish the final tape on Steemit?
I just jumped over to your related article: very cool images!!

Tanz dich glücklich ;) Ein gsunds neues wünsch ich! :)


Das wünsche ich Dir auch! Vielen Dank :-)

Such a fun New Years video! Lovin’ all the good vibes. ✌🏻


Thank you @coruscate!! I'm happy you enjoyed it in such way :-)

fantastic video my friend .happy new year


Thank you so much!
Happy 2018 to you, too :-)

@surfermarly You made my year happier with this video! I am looking forward to getting back on a surf board it has been too long.... Thanks for sharing your new years surf with us.... @unityeagle want to have some FUN on the waves?

awesome video. Let passion be the driving force for whatever you may be doing. Let 2018 be the best year yet! Happy New Year!

Nice videos into 2018 with the greatest optimism. Welcome on board! Nice video


Thank you!
Happy New Year to you, too

Heppy new year friend.
Upvote and resteem.
if you have time please visit to my blog for new year

thanks to share this video .
really like to see this video

happy new year

Heppy new year frend

Thank you thank you for this beautiful video, i love your scuba clothes, i recently travel to roatan island on Honduras and really really enjoy the sea with coral and fish, dolphyn.
I thought in the beautiful and imponent ocean, i swiming, i think we need to return to the ocean agains, consider the time that we need to get more focuss as you say yestarday.
Happy new year dear.
Thank for the video.
Best regard @galberto

happy new year for you friend,
hopefully this year is more successful and always happy to live this year.
good luck @surfermarly.

love to hear this dtube

Woww, beautiful beach and beautiful surfer also ^^
I love beach, I live in Bali, so many surfers here because many good spot for surfing here. I hope someday you can come here ^^

HaPpY NeW yEaR

Upvote and resteem done.

This video is nice
Happy new year

good to share..
happy new year..

sir Such a wonderful and thankful work my dear friend... Actualy....I'm always respect to your works and…
i like it


One more sir and I'll unfriend you! I'm a giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl

Happy new year may this year bring a lot of happiness and prosperity in your life.

Cool 2018 video, it looked like a strong onshore wind ;) having fun surfing and dancing on the wall was so cool.....happy new year!!!

Happy new year to you @surfermarly, hope this year more good than before.

happy new years :)

i like this video
happy new year
thanks for sharing


Thank you!
Happy New Year for you, too :-)

it looks like you are hollywood actress :) and make some movie :)

Great video, just successfully doing what you love! What could be better?


I have no idea.... so: nothing! :-))

A lot of energy, wish happy and successful new year.

i wish i could watch it before ..feeling so sad .. but still loved this