Probably not wrong, I guess we can just hope they fail and we benefit off the awareness

@scottcbusiness, Thank you for your time and answer me back. Many of us no longer trust Facebook, and most importantly the Facebook magic to sale private messages, information, pictures, habits ...etc. In reality, really Facebook is over and they need something new and exciting to recover their lost reputation but in my opinion and the opinion of intelligent people is completely lost trust and the magic is over.

When I post something in the past about Steem my post immediately was delete or disappear that is a reflection that Facebook knows that is over and the worried about the competition of Steem getting strong and more traffic than FB.

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Yeah. A great example is they make you answer a captcha if you share even in a personal message. Then they go back later and remove personal messages even if you send it to yourself that contain "" claiming it's against community guidelines. It's crazy

@scottcbusiness Facebook started its first step with betrayals to its best friends; courthouse, lawyers...etc. Mark Zuckerberg likes to be at the peak of success at any cost, steeping on anyone who gets in his way.

Facebook, Inc Mark Zuckerberg brain and his key learning have to reprograming again. Mark Zuckerberg thing that he can microwave ideas and everyone will applaud him forever.

Success coming to our lives with failures and acknowledge but not with betrayal.

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I really appreciated.

Wow. That is indeed crazy. I didn't know they were doing things like that. But I do agree. This new move from FB is adding another layer of control and data collection on people. Time will tell how things turn out.

Indeed! I keenly watch and await the launch