Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

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Time for a bit late #StarWars #FallenOrder review here, but better late than never. This was one of the better game experiences i had in long time, but like many current games it's somewhat plagued by bad storytelling and identity politics. This review is solely for #PC and i haven't tried out the console versions (some of the clips you see here may have been from console version however).
Jedi Fallen Order Review.png

The game is available in Steam & Origin (PC) and also on Xbox One / PS4 for consoles. At this point i would say Nintendo switch release seems unlikely due to technical constraints that the console has.

Even if you aren't a star wars fan i could argue that just the mere gameplay experience is quite worth since combat is quite fun and the world does offer quite lot of a immersion.

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dear @sugitv, this is one of the best reviews I've seen on steemit lately! this game looks super interesting and the drawings are so real that it seems to see a movie, it's very addictive! thanks for sharing your opinions !! congratulations on your work and on your super deserved curie rating :-D

Thanks @road2horizon i just did lot of takes and put some notes on paper so i would know which points i would like to tackle. I'm pretty into Star Wars so thats why i could talk about it for days.

I love the Star Wars in all its forms. This game is wonderful not only for people like me who saw the premiere of the movie but also for the young people of today who know the sequel. Thanks for showing this review. Cheers @sugitv

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Really cool work bro, very detailed review and very well explained, even though english is not my main language I got it hehe. I'm not particularly a fan of Star Wars but that game looks interesting, but it also looks like it would not run in my old pc. Still good to know about it! Thanks!

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I'm not sure but I think you should edit and place (upload) the thumbnail you want and finally update

Dtube used to have options for editing stuff like that. Here in Busy or other places it does show the correct thumbnail, but in dtube it does show wrong one, as bit of a perfectionist this is quite annoying. I try to contact Dtube staff about it.

I have had some problems with that platform. I hope you can solve

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