Don't Starve - Episode 2: Wigfrid is Reborn

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

Long story short, I died just 1:16 minutes into the recording. I was so disappointed with myself, as in the past I easily made it past 40 days! But fear not. Valhalla rewards the brave, and I decide to continue the series with a fresh world, again as Wigfrid. My aim is to at least make it through 1 in-game year!

Below is a brief summary of events, complete with pictures!

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, I would be happy to hear them. I am learning about Dtube, editing, and commentary as I go, so I value any suggestions you may have to make these videos better!

All the best,

Summary of Events:

1:16 I Died : (

Being the noob I am, I completely forgot Meat Bulb Plants (the eye plant thingys) were naturally aggressive, and they whipped me into submission. Oh Valhalla!! I am not yet worthy to join you at the great halls of Asgard.

10:45 Pig Community

I discover a pig community, and befriend them with meat :). Being the great friend I am, I quickly put that free labor to work, and soon I have completed decimated a forest in exchange for sweet sweet lumber.
2I find a pig community.JPG

23:00 Pig King

I find the fat bastard, and exchange some steak for some much needed gold! Ah, this will do nicely for my science machine!!

41:30 Goats and Walking Trees

I accidentally discovered some goats, and walking trees as I flee the murderous hounds.

▶️ DTube

Really good video! I had to drag myself away from it, though, because real life demands that I eat food in order to live.

My favourite line from the video - "if he didn't see it, it didn't happen."

Thanks @penston. Really appreciate the support mate.

You need to start playing Total War: Arena. The games are short enough for me to be able to watch in one sitting. ;o)

Haha. @penston for you mate I will look into Total War:Arena. Also I will try to start editing these videos to reasonable lengths lol.

Congrats on this video, dude! It's doing amazing. Keep it up, gaming is gonna explode on Dtube this year.

Thanks for stopping by @kevinli! I will keep at it. Learning heaps about the video process, and getting some tips from watching urs. Thanks for the handbrake suggestion! Works a treat.

Especially with long videos like that. Try experimenting with the length of the videos. 10-30 mins might be the most ideal for gaming.

Will do mate. Will try a shorter version with a different game in the next few days.

Watching right now. Looks like a fun game. I'll have to check it out after I beat cuphead!

Thanks for stopping by mate. Its a fantastic game, its even better if you play "dont starve together" which is the coop version.

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