Don't Starve - Episode 4: WINTER IS COMING!!

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone,

In this video, I tried editing more extensively, cutting 1.2 hour of video to just under 14 minutes long. The resulting video has more transitions, but I think these edits are necessary, as there is a lot of content of me just gathering resources and bitching about life. The latter I think would be better suited to vlogs :P, but I am yet to completely get over my camera shyness lol. I also figure out how to use audacity's noise removal tool, so you should also hear less of my frantic clicking!! I know, I click A LOT!

Overall, I think the shorter version of the video is better, as it makes the content more digestible, but feel free to disagree. I am still finding my footing w.r.t video editing.

Video summary is below, and thanks again for watching!

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Don't Starve Episode 4 Summary

Days Survived: 33

4:10 Walrus Hunting
The hunter, becomes the hunted! I track down the Walrus Hunting party and try and take him down for his precious loot.

6:20 Sleeping Penguins
Sleeping Penguins make for easy prey... or so I thought : (. Oh, the shame I bring to gamers everywhere.

7:40 The Treeguard Awakens
Winter is a cruel mistress... Desperate for firewood to keep warm, I go lumber-jacking, and inadvertently wake up the Treeguard. No choice but to take him down. Don't worry, I will fashion staffs of great power from his limbs!!!

9:50 The Deerclops Approaches
..... I got this *gulp...

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Man I love this art style! This game looks so good, no wonder it was so highly regarded... hahaha, all the clicking... games we're you're collecting resources are tough to watch for that reason, but the artwork is just so good.

Yeah I agree. The artwork is just amazing considering it was made over 4 years ago, and came out of a small indie company. Just goes to show what passion and a good community can create with a bit of sweat and tears.

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