Made my first "own" modified car model in GTA V! The Steem-Car.

in #dtube4 years ago

Hey everyone

Today I decided to try making my own modified car model in GTA V and I decided to make it into a Steem-car.

It was a lot of fun to make actually and I feel like it actually looks pretty okey too :D I can upload the model if anyone is interested.

I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it in the comment section below!

Hope your having a great week everyone.


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Do you play GTA 5 on Steam? Or, do you just have it for Windows outside of it? I have it on Steam but have yet to play it, and I wasn't gonna touch the multiplayer mode really but if you ever wanna jam on it hit me up and I'd play some games with you!

I think the design of the car looks great, the only suggestion I would have to improve the model design is to take the rims from being red and make them green to blend in with the rest of the Steemit colors. Looks pretty nice with the red rims though!

I bought it on Rockstar since it was a lot cheaper at the time but everyone plays on the same servers so I should be able to play with Steam-players too. I haven't played almost any online tbh but mostly due to not having any mates that play it so yeah I will definitely hit you up if I decide to play some :)

Thats a good thought actually :D it doesn't really match or anything but still looked cool somehow. And some of the "modifications" in game were "hard-colored" red cause of the model I chose so wasn't able to change it up at least with the tools I had.

Thanks for your input bro!

Strawhat Style 😎 Would be awesome to drive that in GTA Online, would be awesome promo for your channel 😃

Haha yeah :D that's a great idea actually!

Nice mod in, looks smooth.

I had GTA V on pc, until one day they asked for the key code. I assumed that since the code was attached to my rockstar account it would stay there and I could recover it from there like steam. That was not the case.

I may buy it again in the future, but I'll bide my time till then.

Hmm actually I had almost the same problem once and I might have a solution. Try going straight to this site and you should be able to download the client with the account you have it registered to.

Hope it works :) good luck and thanks for stopping by!

Thanks, so much for the tip! I tried it through that link, signed into the client, and it is downloading.

As for when it's done downloading, here's to hoping it goes through!

EDIT: IT WORKED! Thank you, so much!

Haha wow that's awesome man :D glad I could help :)

The entry of GTA 5 has been quite different from other games of the season. In other words, I can say that the game is more obvious at the entrance. As the players of other games of the GTA series would know, we would classically go to the corner of the city and go to the place we mentioned with the car below.

GTA 5 starts with a bank robbery scene directly linked to the story of the game. During this bank robbery, we also learn the basic dynamics that we will use throughout the game. I mean, if we were to have a simple modal mode for this part of the game, I guess we are not wrong. @strawhat

I want exactly the same but real :D

Haha yeah would be awesome to drive around in that :D

Very cool! I need to get one!

The engine sound is incredible

I wonder how much money you have received from SteMitten for this ad ?? :)) by the way the car is very nice..
Thanks for sharing

wooow steemit is everywhere ! :)) @strawhat

Okay that looks epic! :D

Haha, I might get those vinyls on my next car. :D

I miss one piece. Love it to the bone.
Maybe should watch the latest series...

its so nice dear i like your post and upvote you also follow you thanks for sharing this with us

Oh man! I love this! A steem car. Wooo! Great

Wuuuut this skin of Monkey.d.luffy ! Love it !

Absolutely fab post I would love to see the upload , Followed and Upvoted feel free to pop on by to my page , look forward to seeing more form you ,

this is really creative man , i still haven't played GTA and i think a missing a lot , cant wait to get it one of these days

I do not play this much but this game is very nice

Omg the steemit car wow wow wow :D can't believe amazing work done

Haha cool! I dont play GTA tough.. Just now I only have pubg in my steam. I played the old GTA's but then I just always tried to get as much police after me as was possible :p

that is agood looking car

hat's off for that awesome work

Very nice, maybe add some more stickers so it is like a racing car with all the sponsors and stuff, just my idea :p

So cool! I haven't hopped on GTA V for a while. Perhaps I should now lol

Keep up the awesome content!

Dope stuff, Its been a minute since I last played GTA, just inspired me to get back at it.

Dude, nice. I totally dig it.

That's good. I remembered playing GTA about 3 years ago. I love the game and I really enjoyed the time playing it.

It's good to take steem design to the game. Play on, and let the bad guys in the game beg for steem, lol.


Hello, dear friend! Thank you for your support of my post! My oldest daughter also loves the game. Especially GTA and Minecraft! Good day to you.

lol pretty cool stuff man.

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