Playing some Call of Duty Zombies and decided to make a small video!

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Hey everyone

So today I was just sitting at home since it's Christmas day and basically the whole town is quiet and sitting at home for the whole day. So I had decided to play some Call of Duty Zombies and also made a small gameplay video for u all to see :)

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think in the comments below! I had not played this game in a long time and had a lot of fun. It's a little bloody the video though so if you don't like that kind of stuff then you should not watch it or watch it with caution at least.

Hope your all having a great day!


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Nice aim. :D

@strawhat You need to learn how to save ammo 😂

Man! There's nothing that makes me more nostalgic than Nazi Zombies... I remember getting with a group of 4 and playing through the night on Nacht Der Untoten and Der Reise. Good times!

Haha yeah those maps were awesome. I also really loved the "Kino der toten" from black ops 1 I believe. Good times indeed :D

Haha! I remember Kino! Hard map though imho. :p

cool video once again Merry christmas

hehe. the zombies are too much horrible for me. any way thanks for sharing such an amazing video.


wahts be u a good player in all games and u having a big craze in games i see ur many posts about games that good keep it up @strawhat also good to share this video

merry christmass

Thank you :) yeah I do make a lot of posts about games

same to you!

well this zombie verzion is not i play still hope i play it soon and then try to complete it soon as soon possible

wonderfull itrs a awesome and exellent game and i also play call of dutty some time ago strawhat enjoying it fully

After watching I decide to buy this game! :D

wow cool u paly the game this day its more cool yeah and u r right all of us spent our mostly time in our homes with our families also good wishes u this speciall day and xmass christmass day man

You made nice game-play video of Call of duty WW2- Nazi Zombies. I haven't play zombies video game before. But I have already seen Zombies movies. Its real horrible at night. I like to play it day time. Its good.
Thank you for video trail @strawhat.

@strawhat, Duty Zombies is really fighting game. I suggest this one not suitable for kids bcoz it has bloody scenery. Probably I don't like bloody games may be like. It depend on my on time mood. Lol....
Thanks for the video trail....

Yeah it might be a little too bloody for kids but I think a lot of kids actually do play this game anyways these days.
Thank you for stopping by! :)

Call Of Duty WW II can be said that most games provide the best visual, certainly very different from other Call Of Duty series, btw wear DLC or already did include in the game ??, sorry but I have not played Call Of Duty WW II, and Btw interesting posts and provide additional insight from Call of Duty WW II zombie ...

yeah it does provide really great visuals and no actually the DLC will be released in January! :)

thank you for the information you provide, I will also buy the DLC later, after i upgrade my laptop specification to gaming laptop special, i am happy to be your friend and sharing about the games

How many Zombies you have killed.

is the best game in the category shooter is my favorite

After the next Cod game I think Activision should just throw in the towel or take time off, forcing an uncreative game out every year just for profit is getting pretty hilarious. They just gonna keep rotating through time periods they already hit cause there’s only so many and remastering games we already bought to have us re buy them. There shouldn’t be a new cod game every year they aren’t creative enough

Just incase you guys didn't know in normal zombies they get tougher as you go through rounds lol :)) AN-94 ain't weak sauce at all it's one of the best guns in the game.

Games that you can't frustrating! Still killing Nazi zombies is always fun!

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Really call of duty nice,marry Christmas friend image

merry christmass @strawhat
my favorite game call of duty

The zombie stories are very famous. Nice post. I follow and upvote you.

That is a great play @strawhat

I usually wait to pick up any games in the call of duty franchise, but from the looks of it, and what I hear, I will probably be needing to pick this one up!

Merry Christmas @strawhat, and a prosperous 2018!

Poor zomzoms, even on Christmas days they are riddled with bullets :((

amzing game

love this game call of duty...

Good video bro

wow i like this game thx man

merry christmas @strawhat...nice one

is it the lates version of the call of duty ? i have played call of duty modern warfare only @strawhat

Call of Duty Zombies just awesome

wow what a nice concept of your mind.i appreciate you.

Who does'nt love a shoot out?
Merry Christmas.
#foreverafan #callofduty

Nice one man

I remember playing Call of Duty in playstation 2 in the good old days. Enjoy yourself :)

Cool video - nice to see a community of people still post COD Zombies on the Internet.

I’m happy that you had fun, thanks for sharing it too, I didn’t watch the videos, thank you for those caution you gave, I don’t like watching strong themes.

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 @strawhat.

I’m still your humble friend and follower @maxdevalue

Wonderful publication my friend greetings

Great gameplay :)

Kill them all :D well played, you are a good shot for sure!

I've also played the game, and it's fun for me. Congratulations and success for you ...😎😎😎

Is this on Xbox One?! I gotta play this!

i like your chrismus game.congatulation merry chirsmus

hahah that was so cool loved the gameplay !

this seems a fantastic game to play loved your video have a great day!

Bagus saya suka

Bagus saya suka

the blog is very informative and much important for us

Lol i decided to try commenting on your video. It was fun as hell. You don't mind do you? Alx

Great post there, keep up good work !

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