The Steve And Stella Show EPISODE 3: "A Whole Bunch Of Nothing And Some Robot Sex."

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Thank you for joining us on this wonderful day! The Steve And Stella Show is in full effect and we are back with our brand new episode touching on absolutely nothing and then a slight side of robot sex.
We're all about the shenanigans.
Tune in for next week ! Feel free to leave topics we can touch on.

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That Black Mirror episode sounds great- I’mma look it up. Robot sex- I was interviewed recently for and one of the things we talked about was sex robots. The female interviewer asked me what I’d want in a sex robot as a female. It’s a lot different than what men go for in robots in general methinks. I’m gonna write a post about that methinks- or maybe do a video- thanks for encouraging everyone to be their freaky selves guys <3 I appreciate you.

hahaha yes yes yes @lilycampbell .. you have a very unique passion and career. I support the fuck out of you and i cant wait for that post ! you better send it oveerr to me and stella when youre done with it. do u have a discord channel? i appreciate you as well !!!!<333 very much. You are coming with us as bitcoin millionaires :) im sure @stellabelle agrees hahha if you havent figured out already, we fucking like you haha

<3 <3 <3 gah I’m blushing, thank you!! I discord messaged you (or the account I thought was you) recently- but I am still such a newb that I don’t totally know my way around- my username is lilycampbell on there too. Thank you for being so kind, both of you! I dig you guys as well and am so stoked to make your aqquaintences! (Takes a tawdry bow).

I wonder what your video will be like.....It's true that i fell for Jules, do you know about this robot?

I hadn't heard of Jules much before but just looked up a few vids- whoa. In that video he talks to a baby saying that he is a baby too and one day they will be grown up as equally smart brothers. Then he says he was ready to be turned off (temporarily). Omg. Very Emotive.

Wonderful show but I see tears on your face, are you laughing untill crying huh lol ! But I don't hear in this show your beautiful laugh @steveandstella

woohooo!!!!! Thanks for your attention.

Stella had an off, sad day, but the show had to go on!

Finally I'm ready to watch yeaaaah

wooohooooo our lovely fan @askmee:) stay golden brother!

when sex robots are perfected the elites will no longer have any need for the underclass

hahah idk if i can hack it i said.. id try it but man i think thats it unless i found some strangew love for it that i didnt know about.

robots are better at everything else

your post always inspired to doing of me. todays your dtube post really giving i see your post video.its really amazing.its touch doing my mind.everything is good sir.thank you very much for your beautifull post and video..@stevenalexander..

awwhh thankyou @timuann thats so great to hear:) im so glad i can touch others with creativity!

I just found you through Stella! You guys are so hilarious and creative!! What fun this blockchain is!!
So much better than facebutt...


awh thanks man! she sure is a wonderful creature isnt she hahaha. great to meet you my brother.. lmao facebutt truly is buttish. hopefully i'll see you around! dont be a stranger. a friend of stella is a friend of mine:)

Promising intro!

haha thanks bud! we tried.

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