Steve and Stella Show: Episode 2 What is Slothicorn?

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Welcome to another episode of Steve and Stella! You shouldn’t miss this episode because well, you just shouldn’t! You’ll understand why…………….after you watch it….MUwahhhhhhh

What’s In This Episode?

Rapping, strange cat hisses, bopping, smacking Stella’s blow up horn, weird grunts, hysterical laughter, British accents, Steve playing guitar and singing, deep talks, all about Slothicorn and of course, our signature Opera moment of slo-mo mojo.

For any of you who cannot play the DTube video, here it is in YouTube:

And we already have our first comment from there. @yusaymon remarked,

I lovee thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!! I am inspired

Keepin’ it weird on the blockchain,

Steve and Stella

Slothicorn Links
Universal Basic Income For People Who Make Shitty GIFs.


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Oh my gosh!!! You guys are a riot!!! How excited I am to find steveandstellas on steemit .. I cannot wait until next Friday .. SUNSHINE247

hahaha il take this as having a new fan:) great to meet you @sunshine247 we are so incredibly excited to meet you!

Oh yea!!! I am still chuckling :)

Where did you find Steve you guys are great together

awww @rebeccabe thank you so much that was so nice to hear! we are so happy to be here! thank you for showing some love!

You seem like a lovable guy she is lucky to have found you

I ain't gonna lie, Thumbs up if you're wonder how this got on the "Hot videos" page?

I joined to the channel discord and i'm following @slothicorn

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Crazy good stuff @steveandstellas :)

Keep it up, guys

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Really I enjoyed when watch you both, you are make me laugh huh. I joined to the channel discord and i'm following @slothicorn


Great you're now following us. Thanks for your continued attention. We have noticed!

Oh man! i am going about content creation all wrong. this is the right stuff!! great work guys. Nice project and keep going.

this is sooo hilarious!

You are good in video editing...and funny. I like your show.

I'd catch a grenade for you.

ooo my god love the way stella sings :0
that was a surprise, dough it's a surprise if I don't get surprised by this show :))

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