The Consensus Trance and Waking Up

in dtube •  5 months ago 

I believe most people are asleep. They exist in a stupor where they don't understand the dire situation we exist in; the fact that government's control people, initiate warfare, and use violence regularly. Charles Tart called this state of mind the "consensus trance." Basically, it's a state of mind where people share a collective delusion about reality, and believe everything is the way it is because it's natural or normal. In this regard, people sacrifice their humanness and power to remain perpetually comatose.

In this video, I provide some thoughts on consensus trance, how visionaries and anarchists can help people wake up, and then I explore the trance I was under prior to swallowing MDMA.

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Well said I too woke through a cocktail of psychedelics. Although they just guided my path and through the people I met along this path awoke me. I do feel my mind was expanded through these drugs but in all honesty my travel experience and the realisation that what we are told about countries and cultures around the world is very different from the reality. So probably the drug were only a sauce for the meal which was the alternative and experience of seeing truth through my own eye which in turn enabled my to question what I was being told 💯🐒