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WARNING - The message you received from @imperialdynasty is a CONFIRMED SCAM!
DO NOT FOLLOW any instruction and DO NOT CLICK on any link in the comment!

For more information, read this post:

If you find my work to protect you and the community valuable, please consider to upvote this warning or to vote for my witness.


Thanks for letting me know! The comment looked pretty scammy.

This is a very good video. I feel like a lot of the videos are not very well explained like yours. You really have to search to find the good ones.


Thanks! Yeah those were two pieces of info I had to do some searching for.

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Hello man, the most important here in steemit and dtube is cooperation, let's cooperate and grow together, you just have to find time and do it, because your videos are really good and they deserve a good upvote from dtube. I was posting like crazy in steemit for 11 months and earning cents, but when I start doing dtubes videos, I feel that I lost a lot, but I can gain now because I am a strong fighter and I want to help newcommers grow, because we lost a lot of people when we didn't have dtube, but now we have it and we have dlive and dsound.