Let's help promote dTube on Twitter with #Promo-Steem and let's see if we can help them get to 1,000 Followers..!!

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #dTube on Twitter

dtube stephen kendal twitter blog

Promoting #dTube on Twitter

Below is a selection of just a few #Steemit Blogs that I was am happy to promote and share on Twitter to give @dTube a bit of exposure.

dtube stephen kendal twitter blog

dtube stephen kendal twitter blog

dtube stephen kendal twitter blog

dtube stephen kendal twitter blog

dtube stephen kendal twitter blog

Let's see if we can get them to 1,000 Followers..!!

Currently @dTube have 544 followers on Twitter. Let's see if we can get them to 1,000 Followers..!!

If you are on Twitter and would like to help promote @dTube, please follow them and share as many of the #dTube Blogs as you can, using the #dTube tag and their DTube_Official account.


If possible, please use the #JoinSteemit tag for a little more exposure to #Steemit.

Thanks for reading and thanks again for help promoting #dTube.


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New followers coming..!!


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Banning memes? LOL, now I've heard everything. I wish the idiots @ the EU: GOOD FU***** LUCK WITH THAT!

Great to see that there's a DTube twitter account! Great way to spread the word about it. I'll definitelly follow them on twitter :)

Amazing post by all standards. I will pick up this challenge and modify it to cause more people to promote steem.I am optimistic @stephenkendal the you will see massive response daily. With the power delegated to us we will project your ideologies and help you achieve your goals.


I showed a pic of the post and everything and tagged the artist who made the amazing cover, And i believe she will be a great asset to getting us off the ground, man already your steempower delegation she gave to you is helping team Ghana SO much it takes the burden off me to upvote new users and allows you to upvote a LOT more, now with both of us new uysers are really getting a taste of the good life, something SO impportant to subsidize ,. nw users who get that BOOST wen they join REALLY become dedicated users often!

Hi again @stephenkendal ! I commented already, but I'm just letting you know that I have officially launched the Steemit Success initiative in my latest post, which has a primary aim of growing the Steemit community, as well as developing beginners to become succesful on Steemit.

This seems to be something that you are interested in doing, so I would really appreciate your feedback on my latest posts. I am looking for delegated Steem power for the project too, in order to increase my upvote value for the curation part of the project.

I am happy to tell you more about the project if you are interested, I have a full presentation done out and would be happy to share it with you/anyone else interested. Any support at all would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I am hoping to integrate this initiative with promo-steem around Ireland. I have been asked by multiple schools and companies to give talks about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, and I want to put Steemit at the forefront of my talks, and I want to join promo-steem in spreading the word about cryptocurrencies.

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Its nice effort i am on twitter i will be there i wish i think it will get 1000 followers good idea of promotion of steemit on dtube sir your post no doubt every time have some new ideas and creativity stuff to do something for the betterment of steemit great attempt once again best wishes keep going

I do believe that @dtube gonna have so many followers in twitter at once. You promoted @dtube very well thru promo-steem tag. Thanks for your brilliant idea my friend.

We must keep promo steem on.

Regards from Indonesia.

Glad to see that DTube has twitter account. Twitter is a great way to promote Dtube app. Unfortunately i don't have twitter account but now i am planning to signup twitter account for the promotion of wonderful community steemit and its app

@dtube Twitter account is under-followed on Twitter. Thanks @stephenkendal to take initiative to make it reach 1000. I have followed dtube on Twitter, sharing its posts sure with all forces of promo-steem we can get it to 1000!

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Followed and also resteeming it to my #3000 plus followers, hopefully we will get some help from them.

also tweeted it your post to my tweeter.


544 followers are too small for dtube on twitter. Let's all work together to give them 1000 followers

Wow I haven't heard of this movement but surely I would support with all three Twitter account I use nice to see that we are making it .... thumbs up

Upvoted, resteem and re-tweet done sir!


I just found out you are promoting dtube on Twitter and I will do tomorrow.thankyou mr @stephenkendal. I will do whatever your command

Yes! We need all the help we can get with the Thunderclap! Thank you for posting this Stella, that's absolutely Stellar of you!!

I’m already inviting all my friends to join!
Only con is that people signin up now have to wait for weeks!
Luckily I found a post that poured me to steeminvite!!! Through there you can delegate 14,5 SP for the creation of a new account and then the person who you send it to can sign up and join instantly!
Worked for me and three friends already! 🙂
Hope this info helps more people to join!

wow great Dtube has Twitter account yeah sir going to follow Dtube and also going to promote #promoting Dtube 😍👌💪

Wow! Great post sir.
Dtube is amazing. 🤗💙
I appreciate your work.
#promoting Dtube.

Nice content
Very well articulated
Excellent job sir.

Thanks @stephenkendal for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

Right slogan... I am already retweet your tweet sir @stephenkendal...


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I Love promo steem | its really good | Promoting #dTube on Twitter |

Steemit every platform now fire... Deletefacebook and joinSteemit....

we do our best to promote steemit on tweeter accounts soon as it make challenge against Facebook it also popular on tweeter too.every tweet is of steemit that time Thanks @stephenkendal sir

Facebook it also popular on tweeter too.every tweet is of steemit that time Thanks @stephenkendal.

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Wonderfull post sirreceived_235418217231984-01-01.jpeg


wow, its great making and share, great job, carry on..



Yes i am ready help promote dTube on Twitter.

We will always promote and support Steem, Steemit, #DeleteFacebook & #JoinSteemit, and also #Steemfair...❤
Hope Steemit and Steem have a bright future...

Thanks for sharing & Have a lovely day, dear Mr @stephenkendal...☕❤

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Wooow if you will be with my support great friend, greetings

Yes sir personally I deleted Facebook, and I joined steemit . And ofcourse I love promo steem. thanks for sharing this post.

we will get more than 1000 followers and dtube will be spread all over the world with believe we are very good in sharing and all the steemit family will help to promot dtube and steemit on twitter and that will just be the begining of our revoultion sir @stephen!

Yes , its good idea sir.

that's a great post about steemit..
thanks for sharing such a nice post with us dear..
I appreciate it..


@ayeshasiddika - You may not realize that "great post","nice post","thanks for sharing" is considered to be spam, you used 41 similar phrases in your last 100 comments, I've replied to you 1 time before, and the Steem Sincerity API shows a 52.90% spam score. Learn why this is spam and a few better ways to earn the support of the community when commenting.

@stephenkendal - You can remove this comment and everyone can whitelist me from appearing in future posts.

Sir, you post many things in your post, so I love reading your post so much that I follow you all the time.

wowww!! sir awesome ...
Great to see that there's a DTube twitter account! Great way to spread the word about it. I'll definitelly follow them on twitter :). good idea of promotion of steemit on dtube sir? your post no doubt every time have some new ideas and creativity stuff to do something for the betterment of steemit great attempt once again best wishes keep going

Campaing #Deletefacebook #JoinSteemit on Twitter

Oh we shall always promote the steem blockchain
Together we can do this not alone
This is a call of duty my friend and we shall answer to it

Excellent effort. I'm Steem, I'll be there. Good idea of ​​steemit promotion on DTUB. No doubt every time some new ideas will have to do something for the improvement of steemit. It believes that DTV has many followers on Twitter together with you promo-steem tag Via @Tube has very well promoted. Thank you for your brilliant idea my friend.

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I am very confident, if we continue to promote not only 1000 followers that we get but will be more than that we get sir @stephenkendal
I am ready to support to campaign it

WoW, I'm going to follow. I hope Twitter will be a great way to promote Dtube

this is the best activity for the progress of blockhain steemit-based platform in the future.your great man's sign you are a man to emulate. i this weekend always do promo-steem activities to the community so they want to join this steemit. please support you in some of my posts about my promo-steem activities. because your help is very useful.good success for you lord @stephenkendal


Please sir see my post.


Most welcome sir

I like dtube, I will join and also promote dtube to be more successful the most in the number 1 in the world.
Thank for sharing sir...