Rustle Has Officially Left Us and Found a New Home!

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Hi Steem Fam!

It’s been a long and adventurous road that the Steem Sisters have shared with @rustle. He started in Australia, traveled to Poland and then have spent the last few months hanging out in the greater Seattle area! He kept me company on the long plane ride back from Poland.


He came with us to Austin and the symbolic “Steem Torch” has now passed hands to the ever deserving @aussieninja!

Rustle seemed pretty excited to be back with his people and is already looking forward to heaps of vegemite and weetbix. Mary and I are also curious to see how much our boxed wine costs decreases now that he’s not drinking us dry!

Rustle has been on quite the adventure the last few months. First he joined our team as the Executive Producer for the Steem Sister Show.


He made countless appearances in our show… some subtle…


… some not so subtle.


He has a massive @steemmonsters addiction… (That we highly encouraged I might add)


He really became a part of the family and joined us for several family holidays.


And even made history by being the first cockatoo to do a Mene unboxing. Pretty sure @goldmatters lost his mind on this one!


It’s been a fun ride @rustle – but we couldn’t be more excited for your next adventure. Honestly, you’ll probably get in way better shape hanging out with this ninja warrior. I have a feeling he’ll be a much better influence on you than we were!

While in Austin, we filmed this silly video as the official “handoff” between us! We hope you guys enjoy it!!

With Love,

The Steem Sisters

@coruscate and @maryjaney

SSS main logo.png

▶️ DTube

Can't wait to see what @rustle gets up to next!

Great video guys. I expect to see a mournful Mary the next time you guys travel without her comfort animal! :D

Also, if anyone wants a recap of @rustle's journey so far, I've got one here:

hahah Yeah what are we gonna do about Mary's travel anxiety?? 😂 I can't wait to see what fun adventures he has with with @aussieninja... i have no doubt it will be epic!

That post about @rustle is amazing and i'm so sad I missed it when you posted a month ago!! I think I need to get Gina bot. haha I've been using Steemify and I think it misses mentions sometimes. 🤷‍♀️

Hope you are doing well Holo!!


Ah, dearest Mary... I didn't mean to give you a Statue of Liberty-esque finger crown in the top image, I was just too excited!

Love the intro, it's almost hitting Rick & Morty levels of looseness... I'm sure everyone is excited to know that @rustle has made it safely to the forest and has made a heap of new friends. He's already organised a clique of squirrels to dig for gold. He's outta control.

I hope Mary managed to fly back safely... @rustle definitely misses you guys... I've woken up a few times to a 'rrrreem risters rowwwwwak'.

awwww well tell @rustle we miss him too! ❤️

That night filming this and all of the other random shenanigans (including the first SSS tattoo, interpretive dancing with Rustle(If mary ever posts that lol), portrait drawing ) and who knows what else is one of my favorite moments from Austin! It's pretty awesome that the three of us can have the most ridiculous amount of fun together!

Bless your cotton socks. I'd hoped my little guy would travel far and wide. Really happy with how well everyone's taking good care of him. I actually have the steemtorch at the moment; planning to hand it off in person at the next #mallsballers meetup tomorrow.

It's pretty amazing what you've started with @rustle! He's now a world class traveler and inspirational to Steemians everywhere. Thanks for letting us be a part of his journey and starting his American adventures! ❤️

I'm going to miss you, girls. Also that really fluffy jumper in the cupboard; and the boxed wine. Thanks for taking such great care of me; and for all the cuddles.
Should've seen the mess I made of Uncle Ninj's vegemite jar this morning. He drinks XXXX though, so having some second thoughts, I'll be honest.
Better than American beer I guess.
Been humming Waltzing Matilda quietly, hoping to stir up some patriotism and score some ANZAC biscuits.
I'll let you know how it goes.

I told ya mate... it's not XXXX... that's a Queenslander beer... I don't think I've had it even once. It's VB all day every day mate.

Can't believe you made it through 4 dozen hot crossies... you're a machine.

Oh man you are already treating @rustle better than we did! We never made him fresh hot crossed buns. 4 dozen though?? That bird is a machine! Good thing you are also working out with him or else you'd definitely make him fat. 😂

We miss you, mate. Safe travels. Make us proud.

awww we are going to miss you too @rustle!! ❤️🍷Sounds like aussieninja's house is a landmine of deliciousness. Enjoy all the aussie treats! and beer... It's probably a nice changeup from the wine. 😉


#SSS hand to heart gesture!

My fave was the Mene unboxing :)

#wineanxiety level: mild

#rustleanxiety level : moderate to high

hahaha awww this is an awesome screenshot!!! So much love! ❤️

Yeah that was my most creative Mene unboxing for sure... 😂 Couldn't have done it without @aussieninja's amazing accent!

safe travels! miss him!!

Rustle will be in good hands.

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Rustle for PM!

I'd vote for him before I voted for the other sock puppets we have running for the job. Rustle seems much more genuine!

hahah YES! Let's get some posted and buttons together and we can start campaigning. 😂

I am cracking up! I thought I was the only one who did this crazy stuff. Good to know I am not the only one.

I think we are all a little crazy around here!! 🤪 haha

That is quite a busy bird - must be great to have a companion like that :)

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