A Food Day Off, Keeps the Body Good. Fast Once in a Week.

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Hello Steemians & Lovely Dtubers..

Today, I read about Interment Fasting. A new kind of fasting where a person eats once a day. Reading it, I was wondering, how about keeping "A Day Off" regularly.

I have been in practice of keeping a day off once in a week, since last one year and feeling very healthier and energetic. It is kind of giving body rest from regular eating habits. Generally people eats 4 times ( including brunch) in a day making our internal body organs quite busy all the time.

By keeping a day off, we can help ourself by giving our body rest. Instead of regular meals, we can try out on Fruits and Juices. Trust me it's quite beneficial. And help you make lighter, and good digestion. I shared my view in this short videos. Hope to see more people opting for this practice.

Stay Calm....Steem On.

Thanks & Namaste


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Nice concept

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Thanks dear....do try it....this is part of naturotherapy

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