Steemwallet - Fast,Secure & Safe for Steem [Review of Wallet Dapp for State Of The DApps by @oracle-d]

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Hello Friends,

This is my review of Steemwallet for State of the Dapps an @oracle-d tasks. The Wallet App is listed on the State of the Dapps website here is the link.

Steemwallet is the fast and secure way of making digital transaction. An open source app developed by @roelandp .(The most familiar name in Steem circle and a Steem enthusiast and the man behind SteemFest.)

The app is available on "App Store" as well as "Google Play Store". The most convenient way of making Steem transaction. Just download the app. Login your user name to get access to the app. You can simply add your multiple account. As soon as you register, the screen will show your Steem & SBD balance.

You can send or receive or check the balance by simply login into the app. It is very secure as you can set your own passphrase and also you need to share you "Private Posting Keys"

A great app for all Steem lovers. I would rate it 4.5/5.

Keep Steeming...Steem On!



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Thanks @msg768 ses I need to look out for @swiftcash more about delegating some

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Your welcome. Try buying upvotes. It's set to 150% ROI now but no one is buying so I'm buying myself mostly for random posts :]

What is the minimum and maximum bid......for it....there is no specific. Or it is just sending 0.001 to get 100% upvote?

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Just sending 0.001 to get 100% upvote? LOL. Why would anyone allow that?!

Well I never saw any max or min your it was not clear enough to decide

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Minimum SP to delegate to get daily profits is 100 SP. Minimum bid is 0.01 SBD or STEEM and you get 150% of that back in an upvote right now. Maximum upvote available is currently around $0.25 but right now the bot is recharging its power. Also, you don't need to worry about sending more as the bot will return the change.

Put a youtube link as well so it will be available in months to come.

Ahh i.missed it....will update it sooner...

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